Fire Myths

It's a myth that wildfires burn with greater ferocity in wilderness areas than in population zones. That the reverse is true is another myth. What is certain when it comes to wildfire is that environmental elements like wind and drought conditions, along with vegetation, land-management practices, and an area's fire history are the keys to its capacity to burn. These factors weave a complex web, leaving us with very few absolutes or easy explanations—and a whole lot of myths.

Myth: Wildfire is a purely destructive force.

Strong Frames: Building Community, One Bike at a Time

What this morning was a pile of hollow metal tubes is now taking the shape of a bike. After hours of measuring, cutting, fitting, aligning, and cleaning, the most critical and holiest of all bike-building activities, welding, is about to begin. Winding the electrode through a maze of tubes and hoses, Carl Strong works a molten puddle of metal around the seat tube. He is a nucleus of efficient, coordinated activity. The right hand runs the electrode, the left feeds the filler wire, his right foot works a pedal controlling the heat.

FWP Update

Montana's Second Wolf-Hunting Season

From Stuffing to Skating

Last fall, friends of mine talked me into a three-day, pre-season cross-country ski lesson. Initially, I resisted the idea of trading a lazy Thanksgiving in front of the TV with a giant bird browning in the oven for skinny skis, wicking layers, and aerobic exercise. However, my friends promised I would not regret it and challenged that I have never seen West Yellowstone during the Yellowstone Ski Festival. “It’s a different world down there,” they claimed. They were right. 

Bozeman Vs. Jackson Hole

This filthy rich ski town has had its eye on Bozeman for a while now, and it’s high time we settled this feud. Is it worth the drive? Time to find out.


Anticlimax at Ameya Preserve

If you believe in karma, chalk one up for the huge, retaliatory slap in the face that life delivered Wade Dokken, the wealthy developer whose failed Ameya Preserve recently went on the auction block. Reverting to its original name, Bullis Creek Ranch—once the site of over 300 proposed luxury homes—was listed with a minimum bid of $7.4 million less than Dokken reportedly paid for the property.

Ball Cap - Banner Logo – $15


O/B ball cap with mesh back. Banner logo on front; white mesh on back (fisherman, not Britney Spears-Ed Hardy). Soft cotton. Solid dark blue or green. One size fits all. Unless you're Andre the Giant or Beetlejuice after the headhunter curse. Or Alec Baldwin.

Price: $15.00
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Bottle Opener Keychain – $1


O/B bottle opener keychain. Use it to open beers on the river and impress your friends. Here's a trick: surreptitiously crack the top with your O/B opener, then put the bottle in your mouth and pretend to open it with your teeth. Everyone will bow before you.

Price: $1.00

Carabiner Keychain – $1


O/B carabiner keychain. This will become your favorite keychain ever. Clip your keys to your undercarriage at the trailhead or take-out and never again worry about losing them in the woods. In a pinch (ha), they'll work as impromptu earrings.

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