Floating Under Main Street

I'm not sure when I first stood behind the Eagles Club and watched Bozeman Creek disappear beneath the asphalt. I do know that I couldn't stop thinking about it. Clambering down the bank one night, I peered in: darkness. Nothing but the muted rumble of rapids echoing off the tunnel walls.

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Facedown in the Dirt

The dust on the trail whipped around the weathered trees and the sun beat down with uncompromising force as I began yet another consecutive lap up the ‘M’ Trail. Cognitive abilities fell by the wayside as I continued to trudge upwards. Beads of sweat dripped over my brow, while each breath became dryer and shallower. Suddenly my toe caught a rock, bringing me crashing down to the dry, hot earth.

Exploring Highland Glen, the New GVLT Trail

“Come on Mango, come on boy, you can make it!” I yelled at my aging golden retriever plodding along behind me. Mango is 12, which in dog years puts him somewhere in his late seventies. Even the tamest trails are a struggle these days.

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Sidewalks and Sprinklers vs. Lightning and Rock Slides

A scientific comparison of the Fargo Marathon to the Bridger Ridge Run

"Bonk" —verb. to run out of energy mid-run, to deplete the body's glycogen stores, to "hit the wall."

Road Trip: Kalispell

Summer adventure in every direction.

To the east: the soaring peaks of Glacier National Park. To the south: Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi River. Everywhere around: historic charm, affordable adventure and soul-stirring beauty.

 In the middle of it all lies the vibrant mountain town of Kalispell. Located just a few miles from the entrance to Glacier, Kalispell serves as a launching point for striking out in search of adventure in every direction.

Getting a Little Crazy

Six fresh inches at Bridger Bowl on closing day and a snowy last day for Big Sky—some would consider this a perfect end to this year’s ski season. But I wasn't ready to hang up my skis. The closing of the resorts meant it was time to break out the skins and head into the backcountry.

Don't Rain on My Parade

You wake up to birds chirping, sunlight streaming through your window, a slight breeze playing with the curtains. The outdoors beckon. You scarf a quick breakfast, grab your gear, swing the door open to enjoy the glorious day, and in typical Bozeman style, it's started to rain. Now what? Don’t let the rain get you down.

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Preparing to Hit The Ground Running

As a whole, athletes are a superstitious bunch, and runners are no exception. Watch a runner as she stands at the starting line—stretch the neck to the left, then right; check the watch three times; double knot the laces, undo them, and double knot them again; a quick glance to the sky, wiggle the toes, and off she goes!

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The Beauty of Running: Broken Blisters and Shin Splints

When I was in third grade, innocently running around the playground at recess, Justin Newman hauled off and kicked me in the shins as hard as he possibly could. If you have ever been kicked in the shins or stumbled into a coffee table, you too will remember the stabbing pain in your muscles and bone, causing you to bellow and keel over in pain.

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Seeking The Glass Slipper

After a weeklong vacation, in which I may or may not have over-indulged on food-truck cuisine, fresh seafood, and mouth-watering maple-bacon doughnuts, my pants were feeling a little tight on the ride back to Bozeman from the coast.


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