Fly Box – $10


O/B fly box with five Montana flies. No, they're not the best flies in the world, but they're not the worst either. Besides, the box is what you're really after. Makes a great holder for change, paper clips, buttons, and all kinds of other items. Can also be thrown across the room with accuracy at offending pets or children. Be sure to take the change out first.

Price: $10.00

Leverich and Beyond

Went for a hike up Leverich canyon last night. Only three things needed for a short hike – dog, 44 ounce camelback and a powerbar. It was such a nice night I didn’t even take a fleece or a shell. Even though I’d be running portions of the trail I took my camera.Leverich Canyon Bike Trail View

The Not So Hidden Lakes

story and photos by David Rabenberg

After a long day of work on Wednesday, I was ready to get outside. With so many choices nearby, it’s always a tough decision to decide where to go. I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t been before, and after some thought, decided to head up to Hidden Lakes, suggested by your favorite local magazine (*wink).Hidden Lakes Trail Parking Lot

Prep School: Get Ready for Hunting Season

Many folks believe that procrastination is the key to flexibility, and although that may be true for issues pertaining to duties at the office, chores around the house, and any number of items on a “honey-do” list, this philosophy usually results in disaster when applied to your summer hunting-season preparations. The long days of summer tend to mislead many a seasoned outdoors person into thinking there’s no rush to get things together.


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