Tim Cahill, Mishap Maestro

So there you are, buzzing across northern Mali, looking for the legendary salt mines of the Sahara. Mali is a bit unstable these days – the Tuareg people of the North are rebelling against the dominant black government in the south – and so you’ve brought along some hired muscle. You look back, and notice that you’re being followed by a bunch of Tuareg warlords in a stolen UN LandCruiser. Your bodyguard takes one look at them and bolts.

True Tales

Got a hair-raising tale of outdoor misadventure? Maybe a near-death tumble down a mountainside, or a close encounter with a grizzly? Whatever it is, we want to see it.

Outside Sales – David Howlett

David grew up on the rolling hills and dusty plains of northeast Wyoming, where he developed an early love of the outdoors through fishing, hunting, and camping with family. He fell in love with the mountains and scenery of southwest Montana after taking a newspaper job in the area, and has been here ever since. David is the first to admit the that he only works enough to live, so when he's not peddling advertising, he and his 8-pound chihuahua Brutus can be found fishing local waters and seeking adventure everywhere they travel.

Frog Rock

Clearly visible from Bozeman, Frog Rock is a beautiful collection of limestone jutting up from the hillsides of Bozeman Pass. As a climbing location, route dificulty ranges from 5.7-5.14. For a map of detailed route information on Frog Rock, click here.

Water Bottle – $10


You need an O/B water bottle for your outdoor adventures. And the fact that it is not only BPA-free, but gluten-free, low-carb, and under 100 calories per serving... well, that's just an added benefit. Clip an O/B carabiner on the sucker and bring all 20 oz. with you into the great outdoors. (But we won't tell if you intend to use it as a beer traveler.) 

Price: $10.00

Pint Glass – $5


O/B pint glass. 16 ounces of empty space, waiting for you to pour in a frothy microbrew (or PBR, we're not snooty) and tip it back. With each sip your fish will get bigger, your ski jump taller, your trail run longer. Drink and embellish your outdoor tales, we won't tell.

Price: $5.00

Stepping Up

The Ridge at Bridger Bowl demands respect. Pointing your skis down any old run can and will put you in way over your head, or cliffed out crying for your mother. Stepping Up (stepping-up.net, $16), by Tavis Campbell and Sam Cox, now in its 2nd edition, gives Bridger skiers a detailed description of every line on the Ridge, conveniently divided into four sections (A-D). Each line has an overview photo showing you where to go as well as information on how to access it.

Men's Tee Shirt – $15


Men's tee shirt. Has "Outside Bozeman" compass logo on the front in black & white; compass logo on back in black & white. Thick, comfortable cotton in classic white or earthy green. Wear this shirt on your outdoor adventures and you'll not only be stronger and faster, but more handsome, too.

Price: $15.00
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Chasing the Wolf

“Wolves!” It’s the only word Doug can get out. Excited, out of breath, he takes a knee and we all gather round. Between gasps he fills us in. “I went… to take a leak… right over there… there’s wolves… right over there!” 

We dash to our packs and grab binoculars. Doug turns, beckoning. Single-file, we hustle through the wooded campsite toward a clearing on the far side. At the treeline, Doug crouches and signals for us to come alongside. 


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