Jimmy Lewis

Originally from Baltimore, Jimmy Lewis fled a world of private schools and country clubs for MSU, fly fishing, and a somewhat bohemian existence in Bozeman. He’s a former guide and outfitter with a M.A. in English, and now teaches at Belgrade Public High School. When he isn’t in the classroom introducing teenage minds to the wonders of romantic literature, Jimmy is either on the farm with his wife and daughter and their extended family of critters, or riding, fishing, hunting, or camping—the playground is ever expanding.

Patti Albrecht

Patti Albrecht is a fifth-generation Montanan; her grandfather was born in the booming mining town of Marysville in the 1880s. She loves the mountains for hiking, prospecting, rock-hounding, and huckleberry picking. Patti owns Earth’s Treasures in Bozeman, a mineral museum and gift shop that has been a passion since 1989.


Fall 2015. 

Slowly, without a sound, smoke wreathes and curls
Round a cold length of wild wind, blasting through the canyon;
Autumn clings to the mist that stretches out of sleepy riverbends
And whispers weighty words through rusted alpine branches,
Telling the trees a secret that the mountains and their frosted ridges
already know:

Fall has arrived to the valley.

Clearwater Revival

The section of Mandeville Creek from Montana State University to Bozeman High School (BHS) has been neglected like a misunderstood stepchild for years—but that’s about to change. A tributary of the East Gallatin River, Mandeville was nearly covered decades ago, eliminating most of the stream flow.

Letters - Spring 2014

Snot-Rocket Snafu

Dear Outside Bozeman and Bob Allen,

Greetings—and I’ll get straight to the point. Having followed and enjoyed your publication from your beginnings, I was shocked and chagrined to see this picture and article in your Spring 2014 publication! I have appreciated the quality and good taste which your magazine has contained—as well as the information and attractive ads, etc.

This article makes me so-o-o sad. It’s so Crude.

Joe Irons

Joe Irons has lived in southwest Montana for 20 of his 35 years. Traveling the world makes him appreciate what we have here, and as far as he can tell, there’s no better place. His many passions include photography, fly-fishing, skiing, kite boarding, climbing (ice, rocks, mountains, you name it), and spending time with his friends and family.

Jim Manning

Jim Manning served as planetarium director at Montana State University’s Museum of the Rockies for many years, living just outside Bozeman. He subsequently worked as Head of the Office of Public Outreach at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, and is currently executive director of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in San Francisco.  He still visits the area regularly, enjoying its beautiful night sky.


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