Gallatin Range

The Gallatin Range is home to large numbers of endangered species and ancient petrified forests.

Bridger Mountains

Located just north and east of Bozeman, most of the Bridger range is within the Gallatin National Forest. These local mountains are home to the most noteworthy peaks around Bozeman, including Saddle, Mount Baldy, Hardscrabble, Sacajawea, and Ross Peaks. 

Madison River

The Madison River is a river that is long enough to be categorized into four sections: Madison River in Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone National Park Boundary to Quake Lake, Upper Madison- Quake Lake to Ennis Lake and Lower Madison- Ennis Lake to Three Forks. The river makes for a great paddle if you like rapids, a scenic mellow float and great fishing.



Fall 2015. 

Slowly, without a sound, smoke wreathes and curls
Round a cold length of wild wind, blasting through the canyon;
Autumn clings to the mist that stretches out of sleepy riverbends
And whispers weighty words through rusted alpine branches,
Telling the trees a secret that the mountains and their frosted ridges
already know:

Fall has arrived to the valley.


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