Bridger Mountains

Located just north and east of Bozeman, most of the Bridger range is within the Gallatin National Forest. These local mountains are home to the most noteworthy peaks around Bozeman, including Saddle, Mount Baldy, Hardscrabble, Sacajawea, and Ross Peaks. 

Madison River

The Madison River is a river that is long enough to be categorized into four sections: Madison River in Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone National Park Boundary to Quake Lake, Upper Madison- Quake Lake to Ennis Lake and Lower Madison- Ennis Lake to Three Forks. The river makes for a great paddle if you like rapids, a scenic mellow float and great fishing.


Hebgen Hotspot

The best place to stay near West Yellowstone.

The weather in West is notoriously unpredictable, so it pays to have a roof over your head and a warm bed waiting after a long day outside. One of the best basecamps we’ve found for a wide-ranging spring multisport is the Johnson Creek Cabin, off Hebgen’s north shore.

Thomas Turiano

Thomas Turiano got his start as a ski mountaineer in Fairport, New York where he learned to climb, sled, and ski on his icy 100-foot backyard hill. Afraid of rope tows, T-bars, and chairlifts, he was often seen sidestepping alone along the sides of ski runs at East Coast ski areas. Not only was he content with fewer runs, but also he learned to love climbing hard snow and relish every turn.

Tom Reed

Tom Reed lives outside the small mountain town of Pony, best known for the world famous Pony Bar and its proximity to the Madison and Jefferson rivers. He is the author of three books, all from Riverbend Publishing, including his latest, Blue Lines, A Fishing Life. When he’s not writing, a job with Trout Unlimited, four bird dogs, and nine saddle horses keep him out of said bar. Sometimes.

Pat Clayton

When he turned 18, photographer Pat Clayton was drawn to the greater Yellowstone region by its stunning geological features, dramatic seasons, high adventure, and elbow room. After more than a decade of vagabonding throughout Canada, Alaska, Wyoming, and places in between, he found Bozeman to be a nice mix of everything he enjoyed. Deciding that a camera would help him remember the many people and places in his life, he picked one up and taught himself the trade.


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