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McCarthy, Chris

The Griz bear-spray belt by Scat is a unique way to have your spray on the quick draw. A full-size canister fits snuggly in the horizontal pouch, there’s a Velcro strap to lock it in (I’d recommend not having the strap attached when out in the woods), and you can wear the belt with the canister on your front or back. In either configuration, the spray can be deployed in a couple seconds, which is essential. The Griz also comes with a pouch for your phone and a small mesh pocket for smaller items. (Note: if you’re right-handed and keeping the spray on your back side, these latter features will be upside down.) While most hikers carry a pack with straps for a bear-spray canister, the Griz is great for minimalists or trail runners getting deep into bear country. Available at Schnee's. $40; 

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