26th Annual Sweet Pea Festival

26th Annual Sweet Pea Festival

Thielman-Ibes, Kim
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Ninety-seven years ago, on August 11, 1906, the first Sweet Pea Carnival was held in Bozeman. The social event was revitalized in 1978 with a mission to cultivate and support the arts in Bozeman by bringing together local, regional, and national performers and artists. Last year over 18,000 people enjoyed the traditional three-day celebration.

The Ragin’ Cajun Bayou Ball kicks off this year’s events on July 26th, followed by Chalk on the Walk on the 29th, the Bite of Bozeman on the 30th, and the Art Show Opening on July 31st—all preparing you for August 1-3, when the Sweet Pea Festival goes into full bloom at Lindley Park.

“What makes Sweet Pea so fantastic,” says JoAnne Brekhus, the event’s executive director, “is the community spirit that just oozes out of the festival.” What keeps her motivated for the year-round planning of the event, she adds, is “all of the wonderful volunteers.” Over 2,000 dedicated community members work to bring the Sweet Pea to life.

Don’t forget to purchase your Sweet Pea button, as it’s not only your entry pass, but it and other Sweet Pea merchandise support the festival’s continued presence in Bozeman. In addition, net proceeds are given back to the community in the form of grants for art education and non-profit projects.

Buttons and entry forms for the art exhibit, parade, and Sweet Pea flower show are available at most local Bozeman merchants. For more information, call the Sweet Pea office at 586-4003.
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