Montana-style Mother's Day

Montana-style Mother's Day

Smith, Marjorie
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What’s your Mother’s Day plan? Chocolates? Brunch? Gift certificate for a day spa? Don’t forget, we’re Montana women—why not get OUTSIDE to celebrate?

Madison County seems to dry out a little earlier than here in the Bozone. Treat Mom to some Montana scenery and drive west on Route 84 from Four Corners. If the weather is right for hiking, stay east of the Madison at the bridge and enjoy a bit of the Bear Trap Canyon trail. Then continue to Norris and stop for eggs Benedict in the School House Café. Or turn right at Norris on US 287 and drive ten miles north to Harrison and get a traditional western breakfast or lunch at Café 287. After 2pm, make your way to Papa’s Candy nearby and let Mom pick out her own chocolates right at the factory.

You can even give Mom that relaxing spa experience: retrace your route through Norris and stop at Water of the Gods (aka, Norris Hot Springs) for a soak and maybe even some live music. Alas, the gorgeously scenic Potosi Hot Springs near Pony are no longer open to the public; however, there is a small public spring about a half-mile downstream from the campground. It’s rustic to say the least, so make sure Mom’s feeling adventurous before heading there.

And finally, in lieu of that potted fuchsia for Mom’s patio, give her a promissory note for thousands of rare blooms: take her on the annual wildflower tour to the Gravelly Mountains. It won’t happen until late June or early July, depending on snowmelt. (Call the Ennis Ranger Station for the exact date: 406-682-4253.)

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