Smith, Greg
“Tell us a scary bear story.”I knew what he wanted—I just didn’t want to give it to him. Read more >>
Fella, Monica
Which one is better?
Rick Bass
A series of self-inflicted wounds. 
Brad Japhe
Books about bruins.
Orem, Tina
Bear books may all seem the same, and indeed the thinking may overlap quite a bit, but the variety of philosophies, yarns, and themes offered by books in this genre keep it from getting tired. Read more >>
Black  Bear, Montana
Melynda Coble
Imitating bears, becoming possessed by their spirit, and sometimes even becoming a bear are all part of Native American Bear Dances. Read more >>
Yellowstone, Grizzly Bears
Gutkoski, Joe
A Yellowstone grizzly encounter.
Leigh Ripley
We all know the danger is out there, but the reality of it actually happening is usually far from our thoughts. Fact is, grizzly bears do attack. They attack anyone or anything they feel threatened by. Spend enough time in the backcountry, and one day that threat might be you. Read more >>
Smith, Chrysti
Many Montana creatures pass the winter in a state of near or total hibernation. In protected burrows, animals such as squirrels, snakes, turtles, and bears enter a sleep-like dormancy for months at a time. Read more >>
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