DelHomme, PJ
The tangled web of the whitebark pine
McCarthy, Chris
Having grown up on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front, I was excited to review the book Landscape and Legacy (Farcountry Press, $20) by John A. Vollertsen; I figured it would make a great coffee-table book. Read more >>
Photo Courtesy WSE
Harrison, Melynda
All about the Western Sustainability Exchange
Courtesy Yellowstone National Park
Lee, Barbara
All about Montana's horniest beast
Courtesy GVLT
Pohl, Kelly
Gallatin Valley Land Trust at work
Photo by Hank Jorgenson
Jones, Andrea
Closed WMAs give Montana’s wildlife a break
Pogge, Drew
In December, the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources approved and advanced Montana Senator Jon Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act to the full Senate floor. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Imagine a cross-country skier gliding through the backcountry with only the sound of his skis on the groomed trail—a peaceful afternoon in the winter woods. Read more >>
Ladzinski, R.
Many years ago on a winter drive through Yellowstone Park to Cooke City, I viewed a herd of buffalo working their way through the deep snow of the Lamar Valley. Read more >>
Sinay, Ken
By the 1880s, irresponsible land use, over-harvesting for sport, and simple ignorance contributed to a decline in wildlife in North America. For many species, extinction was a real possibility—and for some, such as the passenger pigeon, it actually occurred. Read more >>
Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance
Meghan O'Neal
Countless conservation efforts exist for Montana’s big game: elk, deer, and sheep all have organizations devoted to their continued wellbeing and population balance. But what about the mountain goat? Read more >>
O'Neal, Meghan
When you look at the tree-covered mountains of Montana, you can’t help but notice patches of red scarring the green hillsides: these are whitebark pines, and they’re dying at an alarming rate. Read more >>
Photo by Jim Klug
Jones, Andrea
Catch this! Over a quarter of the state’s angling occurs here in Region 3 with seven premier wild trout streams, more than 90 fishing access sites (FAS), and some splendid high-mountain lakes. As the peak of fishing season draws near, here are some things to keep in mind. Read more >>
Photo by Craig Hergert
Reuss, Dave
Class IV means churning rapids, dangerous rocks, and high waves. Anything less than powerful and precise maneuvers means swimming—or worse. And “Wilderness” means no cell phone service, no roads, and no real easy way to fix a disaster. Read more >>
Montana Conservation Corps
Miller, Anne L.
Dorms were a luxury that evening, muddy floors and all. My hankering for the last Hershey Bar in camp led to desperate things: 100 push-ups later, it was mine—a simple pleasure hard-won through sweat equity, perseverance, and a dose of crazy, cheering buddies. Read more >>
Photo by Amy Shertzer
Scott Bosse
We Montanans have a lot to be proud of when it comes to contributing to our nation’s conservation legacy: Montana is home to two of America’s most beloved national parks—Glacier and Yellowstone. Read more >>
Reed, Tom
One of my earliest fishing memories has a mountain whitefish at its heart. I don’t know how old I was, but I do know that I was infected by the fishing fever. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
The effects of climate change are already evident, and the stakes are high for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers living in southwest Montana who recreate year-round in Yellowstone National Park. Read more >>
Jones, Andrea
On July 12, 2012, Montana’s FWP Commission approved the state’s first wolf-trapping season, which will open December 15 and close February 28, 2013. The Background Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
As the West’s answer to the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, known as the CDT, is 3,100 grueling miles cut through the backcountry from Mexico to Canada—and nearly 1,000 miles of it bisects the western half of Montana, composing the longest mountain trail in our state. Read more >>
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