Review: Toad & Co. Double Bock

Toad & Co. Double Bock

Review: Toad & Co. Double Bock

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Simon Peterson

Resurrected from the Toad & Co. archives, the Double Bock jacket is a stylish jacket that will make you feel like a rugged mountain man when you order that pumpkin-spiced latte. That may be a joke but the Double Bock is most certainly not. It’s equipped with a heavy-duty organic cotton shell and features lightweight 60-gram polyfil insulation, even in the collar.

The textured canvas shell keeps the wind at bay while maintaining a fresh look. And, with plenty of pockets for your smartphone, multi-tool, and emergency bacon stash, the Double Bock is a classic jacket that will stand the test of time. My only complaint is that the taffeta lining in the sleeve doesn’t jive while wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt baselayer.

Available at Grizzly Outfitters.


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