Review: Icebug Diana BUGrip

Icebug Diana BUGrip

Review: Icebug Diana BUGrip

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Angie Mangels

Nobody really enjoys the slick conditions that are a part of getting around during winter, but with Icebug’s Diana BUGrip boots you will no longer have to worry about slipping on those patches of ice. These winter boots have both style and functionality in spades. You might be drawn to them for their cute looks, but it’s their proprietary studded soles that you will end up falling in love with on your next dog walk.

Icebug is a Swedish company that considers itself the traction expert, and with the boots’ patented carbide tips housed in a special rubber compound, the BUGrips feel like they have four-wheel drive on any surface, including dry pavement.

The only drawback is that the studs make them strictly an outdoor boot; no walking back across wood floors when you forget your keys. Icebug’s shoes tend to run narrow, so take that into consideration for sizing.


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