Review: Dakine Snorkel

Dakine Snorkel Fleece

Review: Dakine Snorkel

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David Tucker

With the Snorkel fleece, Dakine brings a little of its surfing roots to the mountains. The Snorkel looks and feels like a wetsuit; its collar comes way up, covering your chin and nose, and the hood clings tightly to your head. This sounds suffocating, but the fleece’s material is stretchy enough that it doesn’t cramp your style.

The fleece is also thin (and comfortable) enough to wear as a base-layer, but it’s warm enough to wear as a mid-layer. Not surprisingly, the Snorkel is a little oversized and bulky, but the added length helps keep your rear end warm on the coldest winter days, and thumb loops at the cuffs ensure your hands are toasty.

While Dakine markets the Snorkel as a base-layer, I’ll also wear mine over more form-fitting layers, as an insulator on cold runs or backcountry tours.


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