AVEX 3Sixty Pour

Avex 3Sixty Pour

AVEX 3Sixty Pour

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Tucker, David

Nothing beats hot coffee, especially on a crisp mountain morning. But all too often, after, I go to drown my work-day sorrows in a hot cup o’ joe and it’s stone cold. Not anymore, as the 3Sixty Pour Thermos from Avex has changed all that. Unlike most thermoses, the 3Sixty actually keeps the coffee—or tea, soup, or chili—hot. And I’m not talking room temperature, it’ll do because I’m desperate hot. I’m talking fresh-from-the-pot hot. The thermos’s insulated lid also doubles as a cup and is the perfect serving size. The 3Sixty is a little heavy, so it’s not great for longer hikes or backpacking, but for mornings on the river, a pick-me-up at camp, or a caffeine jolt at work, it’s perfect. $30; avexoutdoor.com

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