avalanche, avy safety, education
Drew Pogge
Ten tips for avalanche awareness.
skiing, cooke city, backcountry
the editors
The backcountry beckons.
skiing, injuries, recovery, backcountry
AJ Sobrilsky & Jason Lunden
Tips for an injury-free ski season.
winter climbing, avalanche, backcountry
Sam Magro
Avalanche considerations for early-season boot-packers.
Training, fitness, health
Maria Anderson
Training tips from local pros.
wolves, yellowstone, wolf pack
Jane McGuire
Following Yellowstone's wolves.
hunting, public land, stewardship
John Cataldo
Taking care of the Great Public Estate.
bikepacking, expedition, camping, biking, backcountry travel
Traute Parrie
Pedaling a lifelong dream.
fall color, yellowstone, hiking
Cordelia Pryor
None can ignore autumn, when the world explodes in dazzling displays of color. Amid Montana's dispersed evergreen hillsides, chokecherry and aspen commence a fireworks show of reds and yellows. Along the streams and rivers, cottonwoods glow a loud and brilliant orange. Read more >>
camping, campground tour, fall camping
the editors
There’s a sweet spot in the fall, unfolding as subtly as a turning leaf. Seasonal crowds dwindle, but the days are still pleasant. Weather starts to change, but cool nights under a sleeping bag offer some of the best sleep of the year. Read more >>
Trail Running southwest Montana Bozeman Gallatin
Andy Woodward & August Schield
Traveling fast, far, and on foot through the rugged backcountry of southwest Montana. Read more >>
alpine lake montana landscape
Maria Anderson
Five all-day adventures for the summer season.
adventure-mobile, camping, buggies
Joshua Bergan
Soon after we’d discovered that the rooftop “emergency exit” on our truck camper was actually a hatch to the party roof, the landscape stopped me in my tracks. Read more >>
Armstrong Spring Creek, spring fishing, spring runoff
the editors
Where to fish during spring runoff. 
Paul Japhe
Recently I challenged myself to explore bike rides that could start from my front door. There are two benefits to this. The first is that I get to spend more time riding and less time driving. Read more >>
bison ranching, conservation, advocacy
Anthony Pavkovich
From veteran environmental advocate to greenhorn bison rancher.  Read more >>
Caroline Byrd, recreation, conservation
Anthony Pavkovich
As the final segment of our four-part series, Outside Bozeman caught up with Greater Yellowstone Coalition’s former executive director, Caroline Byrd, for a conversation exploring the intersection of recreation and conservation—and how the former nurtured her passion for the latter. Read more >>
Ross Peak, Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
A photographic study of Ross Peak. It’s not the highest point in the Bridgers. It barely falls within the range’s ten-tallest summits. But for whatever reason, we’re drawn to Ross Peak. Read more >>
Montana State School Trust Lands, Hunting, PLWA
Gaining access to school-trust lands. 
Grizzly Bears, Bear Attacks, Montana, Hunting, Todd Orr
Todd Orr
On October 1, 2016, Todd Orr was attacked by a grizzly bear—twice. This is his story.  Read more >>
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