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Lach, Devon
No matter how much our lives can revolve around snow, there comes a day when you just can’t take another minute of ass-freezing ski turns and you want to do something with the family. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
Ambitious to say the least, the proposed $1- to $3-million Bozeman Ice Tower would be the first large-scale, competition-grade ice climbing venue in the U.S., potentially putting Bozeman in the running for the first U.S.-hosted Ice Climbing World Championships as soon as 2013. Read more >>
The Editors
Every season, we receive a few letters from our lovely readers around the Bozone. Sometimes they’re nice, sometimes they’re nasty. And sometimes they’re just plain silly, like this letter from longtime reader and fellow gadfly Jason Wilcox. We adore irreverence ‘round here, which means Mr. Read more >>
Orem, Tina
Like a cooler version of your overzealous fifth-grade scout leader, the all-new, much-improved, and downright dashing is here to save you from outdoor ignorance. Need downloadable maps? We’ve got ‘em. Read more >>
Orem, Tina
By now you’ve heard about our digital edition—a full-fledged, super-cool online version of Outside Bozeman. It’s getting a lot of traffic! Here were some visitor favorites.  Read more >>
England, Mike
Every so often, our attentive and meticulous readers catch an oversight—a proofreading or photo-editing gaffe committed by overworked O/B staff after one too many Chuggles (see Fall 2011, p. 91)—that puts us, quite deservedly, in our illiterate little places. Read more >>
Pete Muennich
With the addition of Slushman’s chairlift, more relaxed Ridge rules, and the opening of side-country access gates on both sides of the mountain, things may feel a little different to those who grew up skiing Bridger Bowl. Read more >>
Amy McMahon
Looks like the tax bills might be going up for the folks in the Gallatin National Forest's 198 privately owned cabins, many of which were built decades ago when the U.S. Forest Service began leasing federal lands to Americans in the early twentieth century. Read more >>
Tina Orem
If you've ever wanted an invitation onto Ted Turner's famous Green Ranch, along the Madison River west of Bozeman, dress as a buffalo and you just might get in. Read more >>
the editors
Welcome to the Last Old West.1. Pull up your droopy pants. You look like an idiot. Read more >>
Foster, John Clay
        The cows watch from the high point of the river,bulls, even buffalo are curious to see what the strange creatures are doingin the middle of the Madison, wading, some floating with guides. Read more >>
Krueger, Susan Krall
A languid horizon beckons the obliging sun to their ephemeral interludethe golden funnel softens as the dancers find their placesmagenta, azure, and crimson swirl in a tryst with cirrus nymphs,slowly the couples spiral toward the yellow-orange funnel of fire. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
The dude’s feet are disgustin’Dirty and scarred and scabbedNo more’n stubs with ten digitsLike pink, fleshy batterin’ ramsBut each scab has a storyAnd each scrape a tall taleHe wears his scars proudlyAnd why shouldn’t he, pray tell Read more >>
Muennich, Pete
For the most part, Montanans are smart and responsible hunters; but some of our gun-wielding visitors aren’t so trustworthy. Here’s how to keep your dog from getting shot at this fall.1.Stay close to your canine. The further the dog wanders, the higher the risk. Read more >>
Muennich, Pete
Hunting Montana’s extinct critters may be something we can only dream of, but dream we will. Here’s a short list of the most badass animals that called Montana home before we did.Tyrannosaurus Rex Read more >>
Muennich, Pete
Saving some coin on your morning cup of joe is not only a smart thing to do, but it's surprisingly easy. Most every shop in town offers some kind of discount for bringing your own mug, so go buy one of those hip coffee vessels, and let the savings begin! Read more >>
Hoovler, Sara
Yellowstone is a great and unique place to spin your wheels, especially in the fall. The traffic is light, the thermal areas are relatively free of crowds, the scenery is breathtaking, and the animals are in view. Read more >>
Mike England
The best base camp for hunters exploring the Fort Benton area is the Grand Union Hotel. Perched on the bank of the Missouri River, this historic inn dates back to the late 1800s, when Fort Benton was the last stop for steamboats traveling into Montana territory. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
One of the most beautiful things you are ever likely to see is a thundering herd of horses raising dust under the azure Montana sky. Just ask anyone who’s ever seen it. Some folks will tell you it’s downright religious, but most lack the words to describe such a sight. Read more >>
Roberts, Lincoln
The Beartooth Pass typically opens in late May, after sufficient melt-off for plows to clear the snow-laden Beartooth Highway (U.S. Highway 212). Read more >>
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