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Grizzly Bears, Southwest Montana, Population Growth
Morgan Jacobson
Making sense of grizzly-bear encounters in southwest Montana.  Read more >>
land disparity, land access, access, national forest, Bozeman
Mike England
Liberty. Equality. Fraternity. The mantra of the French Revolution may well be applied to the current conflict over public-land access in Montana. Read more >>
Big hole river, access, river acess
Brent Zundel
Montana's most egalitarian law.
Bear Spray Training, Tactic, Bozeman
Joe Dwyer
Guns vs. bear spray. 
biks, bike maintenance, bike kitchen
Steve Bjorklund
Basic bike maintenance for a longer-lasting ride.
Bear Spray, Bear Safety, Canister recycling
Joe King
The top 10 uses for expired canisters. 1. Replace your friend’s cologne or perfume to punish overuse.2. Convert to a flame-throwing ice-and-snow melter.3. Utilize as aromatherapy for difficult cases. Read more >>
Ice Dragons, East Rosebud, Ice Climbing
Joe Josephson
Climbing Ice Dragons. 
Crazy Mountains, Crazies, Bozeman
Kathryn QannaYahu
In 1965, Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall directed a nationwide trails study, which produced a report called “Trails for America.” President Lyndon B. Read more >>
Snow Dance, Bozeman, Poetry
Knight, Phil
Snow gods forgive meFor I have lustedAfter your supple powdery pillowsKnow that I have partedYour perfect driftsWith skis unwaxedAnd my edges grippeth notFor I have failed to file them.Gods lead me notInto total gearheadedness Read more >>
Montana Haiku
Gustafson, Sid
mountain sheep graze thecold winter grass high aboveour indecency       Read more >>
Winter Poetry, Montana Poetry
Jelinski, Jack
The ancient ritual is unknown to all but a chosen few,the strong, the bold, and the exceedingly bravewho tempt fate upon the frozen wasteswhere death awaitsin a final, terrible, dead-frozen grave.  Read more >>
Kubat, Terry
there once was a cowboy named Stuwho traded his horse (as you do)when the big sky was tamedhe couldn’t be blamedfor riding a red Subaru  Read more >>
Pinet, Carolyn
Fall. Frosts at night.Days, unseasonable warmth suffuses willow,aspens, brush: saffron, ocher, gold.Foothills loom and swarm, scat steams.And in the high school, kids on cellsare joined by tall, black, pungent, furry,wandering a hallway, disoriented, Read more >>
Gustafson, Sid
I pregnacy test1,000 mother cows under a warm, sweet wind.Spilt milk clouds.Green grass in November.Ring-tailed hawks perch over the emptiness on thecottonwoods of Little McGinnis Creek, waiting fordeath that will not come. Read more >>
the editors
Howdy there, folks. Love your mag — usually great fun and good info. We have a nephew at MSU, so your mag sorta helps keep me and my brother Will in touch with him. However, your summer issue, in our view, was less than the norm. Read more >>
Trail Maintenance Tool
Montana Mountain Bike Alliance
Modern trails systems are designed to shed water to help manage use. When you find puddles, or water running down the tread, take the time to investigate. Read more >>
Day Hikes of Yellowstone National Park, Hike734
England, Mike
Given the mountains all around Bozeman, how often do you make the drive to Yellowstone for a day-hike? Read more >>
Public Land and Water Access Association
Lea Brayton
As Montana anglers, we sometimes take river access for granted. Not so for the Public Land/Water Access Association, whose goal is to inform the public of access and ownership rights so that our state’s amazing rivers can be enjoyed by all. Read more >>
Mike England
On any long hike, run, or ride, when space is tight and the squished-food factor is high, the standard solution is to pack a protein bar—which often translates into a tasteless, rock-hard lump of who-knows-what sitting in your gullet the rest of the day, until finally dissolved by a few après-out Read more >>
Counter Assault Bear Spray, A Bear Doesn't Care campaign
Tucker, David
In the last five years, three people have been killed by grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park. Read more >>
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