Lach, Devon
Day Hikes with Dogs (Pruett Publishing, $19), by Wendy Pierce and regular O/B contributor Becky Warren, features over 50 rated hikes for furry friends who like to run in the mountains. Read more >>
Mittelsteadt, Jane
There are some dangers lurking in the woods and fields for our hunting companions, and some basic precautions can go a long way to ease the symptoms from any problems your pet experiences. Read more >>
Muennich, Pete
The clock starts and dogs bolt into the field with their masters close behind. It’s a perfect bluebird day here at the National Shoot to Retrieve Association (NSTRA) field trial, and the energy level is already sky-high. Read more >>
Carty, Dave
The dog, Powder, found the brood in an open meadow at 6,500 feet in elevation—1,500 painful feet higher than where we’d left my truck. They had scattered out below a lonely and ancient Douglas fir, where they’d undoubtedly spent the morning looking for grasshoppers. Read more >>
Anderson, Dr. Spencer
Bozeman is certainly a dog town, and summer is when we have more outdoor adventures with our favorite sidekicks. But there’s a fine line between letting our dogs have a life and not letting them injure themselves too badly or frequently. Read more >>
Casey, Jamin
Having lived in the Bozeman area for some 13-odd years, it seems strange (at least to me) that I didn't really see the outdoors until recently. Read more >>
Hopper, Carolyn
Michelle Feldstein stands on the bank of the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley. Cottonwoods sway in the breeze next to the river at the feet of the Absaroka Mountains. Snow still skiffs the crags. Her eyes scan the rolling 270 acres of Deer Haven Ranch that reach to the west. Read more >>
Weller, Traci
It’s no secret that Bozeman is a dog-friendly town—make that dog-loving town. In the summer months, dogs are everywhere—on the trails, in the streams and lakes, downtown, and in the parks. Like their handlers, they crave the fresh air of Gallatin County. Read more >>
Johnson, Chuck
This fall, many of you will be heading out into the fields with your bird dogs or going on long hikes with your pets. There are many dangerous medical incidents and problems that can occur with your pet in the field, and whatever happens usually happens quickly. Read more >>
Johnston, Holcomb
Snakes and their bites are the subject of much fear and trepidation. In Montana, over the last eight years, only 45 people have been bitten and no one has died. Inquisitive pets, however, are at greater risk. Read more >>
Barrows, Susan
From hiking to swimming to flushing game birds, Bozeman-area dogs are an active, energetic bunch. But no matter how fit and healthy they may be, all dogs eventually experience the effects of trauma and aging. Read more >>
Muennich, Pete
Spring recreation in and around Bozeman almost always includes some form of water sport. For those of us with a canine counterpart, this can be intimidating, especially when watercraft is involved. Making sure your dog is comfortable aboard your boat is vital to the success of your day. Read more >>
England, Mike
I'm standing in chaos. Twenty-some Alaskan Huskies lurch and leap amid a morass of trucks, trailers, sleds, and riggings. Kennel doors open and close; rope, webbing, and harnesses line the ground; blankets and duffel bags pile up. Read more >>
Stites, Jon
Keeping your pooch safe come winter.
England, Mike
Fanning out across the field, a dog in front of each of us, we move slowly, deliberately, through the hayfield’s saffron stubble. It’s late morning in the lower Madison Valley; the sky is clear and bright, with a cool, persistent breeze. Perfect hunting weather. Read more >>
Vaienti, Lara
"Here," says West Paw Design president Spencer Williams, grabbing a chunk of fuzz from one of the many machines in the company's warehouse east of Bozeman, "this is where the material gets finalized, ready to stuff the beds." He holds the green, hair-like material in his palm. Read more >>
Zolynksi, Hallie
Imagine being whisked down your favorite trail by your faithful companion, exploring new terrain in the backcountry, and getting exercise all at once. Read more >>
Layne, Liz
Fall is one of my favorite times to get outside with my dog. There are no mosquitoes, ticks, or flies to drive her crazy; the risk of heat exhaustion is virtually nil; and we both like to get muddy. Read more >>
Ellen Sagmyr
The early days of inducting my dog Stella into the pleasures of drift boating left me feeling like a dog abuser. Being from New Zealand, she had never seen a drift boat, much less been in one. Rivers were a place she associated with chasing sticks and having fun. That was all about to change. Read more >>
Gustafson, Sid
Examining Your Dog:  Determining the Seriousness of Injury and Illness Read more >>
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