Family Time

Funke, Don
Mostly what I hunt for is connections. I wander around the mountains, prairies, and marshes looking for something I must have lost. There are connections to the natural cycles of the seasons. There are connections to my hunter/gatherer past. Read more >>
Lewis, Jimmy
For most families, the word “exotic vacation” conjures up images of a luxury resort near an azure sea, sipping tropically themed cocktails on a white, sandy beach. Mom is lounging peacefully on a recliner, Dad is off fishing, and Junior is building a sandcastle. Exotic? Read more >>
House, David H.
“Dad, there’s a rock at the bottom of the ‘V,’” said Jesse, age seven. She knew that we would follow the deeper, glassier water into the steeper gradient. She made sure that we avoided the boulder as well as a likely corresponding hydraulic. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
Not a lot of kids can say they outgrew their climbing harness, mountain bike, hiking boots and waders all in the same year. The outdoors are beckoning, and Bozeman kids are flying down the mountain at Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, and Moonlight. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
There’s no shortage of fun stuff for short stacks around southwest Montana during the winter. Branch out and try something new with your little one: ice fishing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, skating. Plus, learning has never been better disguised as fun. Read more >>
Reed, Molly
Held throughout the winter in West Yellowstone, Kids ‘N’ Snow weekends are all about giving kids the chance to love winter activities just as much as we do. Read more >>
Lange, Ted
“I hate switchbacks!” It’s a vehement statement and a red flag that can make a dad scramble for coaching strategies to prevent escalation to “I hate this ride” or even “I hate mountain biking.”  Read more >>
Dumas, Megan
Congratulations, you’re pregnant! As you begin this experience, a million questions will tumble through your mind. One of those might be, “Can I still run?” Most likely the answer is yes. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
To bide my time while waiting for my 11-days-late baby to be born, I’d take long walks up a narrow valley in the Absaroka Mountains where I could get out of the wind and into the snow. Read more >>
England, Mike
If you need help fostering a love of the outdoors instead of a fascination with computers, bring the young’uns out to the Bozeman Fish Technology Center on May 21 for the 13th Annual Watershed Festival. Read more >>
Western, Sally
Remember the joys of bicycling as a child? Foster that love in other children by giving them a copy of Mike on a Bike in a Forest (Infinity Publishing, $11). Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
Many of us have memories of playing outside as children—my brother and I, for example, loved the old oak tree near our house. Its large limbs bent down to the ground; we’d scoot through the leaves to the secret interior where we could be whoever we wanted. Read more >>
Western, Sally
Interested in getting your Wilderness First Aid certification, exploring the natural sciences firsthand, or fostering your child’s outdoor leadership skills? Fortunately, Bozeman is rich with outdoor-education programs for adults and kids. Read more >>
Here are some ways to encourage the kids to get outside:Montana Outdoor Science School (MOSS) Read more >>
Yost, Aaron
For the past two seasons, I’ve been taking my four-year-old up to Bridger for laps on the Snowflake chair. I’m sure there are plenty of other Bozemanites out there who, like me, are making the sometimes-painful transition from tearing it up solo to toting the tots. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
In some places, staying inside during winter is standard procedure—but not in Bozeman. Snow, hail, whipping winds, or below-freezing temperatures? Bring it on! And just like us, our kids don’t let a little snow stop them from playing outside. Read more >>
Savage, Nicholas
It’s late November. It’s dumping—the first good snow of the season. I’m standing on my porch watching the white flakes fall seamlessly out of the darkness above, letting them gather in my hair, on my jacket, on my eyelashes. Read more >>
Lach, Devon
Local Bozeman resident and author/illustrator Ted Rechlin gives Montana’s children of all ages a chance to find out what a year in the life of a Yellowstone grizzly is like in his new book Silvertip (Riverbend Publishing, $10). Read more >>
Wozer, Jeff
“Careful with that stick,” I warned Tanner, my five-year-old nephew, as he waved it wildly about like a symphony conductor testing a new baton. “Don’t worry,” assured Missy, my sister. “Tan wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
Bozeman summers are fleeting. Get out there quick, and enjoy the sun as a family.Take a Hike. Set a goal that everyone will want to reach. Make it to the top of Drinking Horse Mountain, Hyalite Lake, or Sacajawea Peak. Read more >>
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