Just for Chicks

Just because it's easier for guys to pee in the woods doesn't mean we shouldn't have at it too. Here's a section for all the ladies who like to get outside.

Metrick, Dee
When it comes to sexiness, I want to be the Frank’s Red Hot on my boyfriend’s egg-white omelet. Although this is a very intuitive goal, achieving it is not quite so natural for me. All too often, I find myself being more of a run-of-the-mill sort of condiment, like salt. Read more >>
Sullivan, Megan
I’ll take a girl on the rocks, please. Katie Brown’s book Girl on the Rocks (Falcon Guides, $20) is a great introduction for any beginning climber and an inspiration for rock-hard veterans as well. Read more >>
Smith, Marjorie
What’s your Mother’s Day plan? Chocolates? Brunch? Gift certificate for a day spa? Don’t forget, we’re Montana women—why not get OUTSIDE to celebrate? Read more >>
Rugemer, Laurie
Pulling up to the South Cottonwood trailhead, I take a moment to survey the half-full parking lot of fellow outdoor enthusiasts milling around their cars, preparing to hike, bike, or run the trail with a small pack and a willing dog in tow. Read more >>
Corinne Garcia
During hunting season in the backwoods of Montana, it’s not all that rare to run into a chick with a gun, or a bow for that matter. Plenty of female hunters stock the freezer, sometimes during years when their husbands come home empty-handed. Read more >>
McGurk, Linda
When Jennifer Grace gave up a lucrative career as a biologist to become a professional snowboarder, she defied all conventional wisdom. Read more >>
Heimann, Ginny
The first few times I went fishing with the Gallatin Valley Wad’n Women, my fly would end up under a rock, on my shirt, or on the top branch of a tree. Every now and then I managed a good cast. Eventually my patience and perseverance paid off. Read more >>
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