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Bean, Anya
Yellowstone Has Teeth (Riverbend Publishing, $15) is a memoir about the lives of the men and women who work in Yellowstone National Park. Read more >>
Bean, Anya
One Frozen Lake (Minnesota Historical Publishing House, $15) is a children’s book that shows the relationship between grandfather and grandson through their experiences ice fishing. Read more >>
Walker, Carter
At two a.m. in what used to be a janitor's closet, Mike Finkel sits in baggy sweatpants and big fuzzy slippers staring at his computer screen, typing in bursts of energy. His truck is alone in the parking lot at the Emerson Cultural Center. Read more >>
England, Mike
David Quammen and Biological Diversity
Mike England
So there you are, buzzing across northern Mali, looking for the legendary salt mines of the Sahara. Mali is a bit unstable these days – the Tuareg people of the North are rebelling against the dominant black government in the south – and so you’ve brought along some hired muscle. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
Have you ever enjoyed a Dutch-oven dinner and wanted to learn to cook one yourself? Well, Carsten Bothe’s Dutch Oven: Cast-Iron Cooking Over an Open Fire (Schiffer Publishing, $30) is the perfect cookbook to get you started. Read more >>
England, Mike
Google Earth is awesome, no doubt, and that fancy GPS of yours is not to be scoffed at—but there’s nothing quite like unfurling a map on the kitchen table and letting a world of adventure appear before you. Read more >>
O'Neal, Meghan
Yellowstone Yesterday and Today (Golden Valley Press, $45) provides a captivating photographic history of Yellowstone Park. Photographer Paul Horsted recreates historic photographs of Yellowstone, illustrating how the Park has developed over the years. Read more >>
England, Mike
“Multimedia” is a bland and nebulous term, and therefore fails to capture the elegant and symbiotic blend of song and imagery that is Mike Haring’s new DVD, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (self-produced, $20). Read more >>
England, Mike
If you tend to walk around with your face buried in your cell phone, oblivious to the world around you, then The Tao of Survival (Gibbs Smith, $19) is not for you. Read more >>
England, Mike
The great outdoorsman, grizzly expert, and author Doug Peacock once said, “I wouldn’t let a bunch of unimportant facts get in the way of telling a good story.” Bozeman author Scott Bischke seems to agree, with his engaging allegory on global warming, Fish Tank (MountainWorks Press, $13). Read more >>
England, Mike
A fisherman could spend a lifetime exploring Yellowstone’s waters—and it would be a life well spent. At least that’s what I got out of Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park: An Insider’s Guide to the 50 Best Places (Stackpole Books, $20). Read more >>
England, Mike
With hungry bears waking up all around southwest Montana, now’s the time to become bear-aware—and the Bear Encounter Series by the Center for Wildlife Information is a great place to start. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
It seems like only yesterday that Kevin Connolly was zipping around campus on his skateboard. But he’s been busy since then—worldwide travels, international fame, and his own TV show on the Travel Channel. Read more >>
Caselli, Lauren
There are loads of guidebooks written about Yellowstone National Park, but few capture its essence and evolution quite like Yellowstone National Park: Past and Present (Schiffer Publishing, $25). Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Montana ski fanatics: clear a space on your coffee table. Photographer Craig Hergert’s stunning images of all Montana’s 16 ski hills have been newly compiled in a large-format book for your viewing pleasure. Read more >>
Coble, Melynda
If you've ever had to pull porcupine quills out of a dog's face or wondered why your pal won't stop panting and laying in the shade during a trail run, then you need local veterinarian Sid Gustafson's new book First Aid for the Active Dog (Alpine Blue Ribbon Books, $18). Read more >>
England, Mike
Come fall, a hunter’s relationship with the natural world changes. Gone are the carefree days of summer—unpredictable weather, off-trail exploration, and hungry hibernators introduce a whole new set of hazards. Read more >>
Nostrant, Chloe
Dean Sauskojus’s Yellowstone: The Ultimate Photo Guide to Yellowstone National Park (self-published, $15) is a great companion for any photographer venturing into Yellowstone. Read more >>
England, Mike
From Spearfish, South Dakota to the islands of the Western Pacific, Making Up Amelia (Yokoi Books, $18) takes the reader on a sweeping journey through time and place, all centered around the disappearance of American aviator Amelia Earhart. Read more >>
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