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Smith, Marjorie
Bozeman’s Intermountain Opera Association (IOA) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this spring with a lavish production of Bizet’s Carmen. Read more >>
England, Mike
At its most basic level, dancing is entertainment; hence the insane popularity of Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and similar shows. For most of us, dancing is just plain fun, whether we’re doing it ourselves or watching others. Read more >>
Bennett Drozic
Indelibly bound with the spirit of independence and fortitude that permeates the idea of the West is a notion of single-minded, almost blind acceptance of certain dogmata. Read more >>
Hill, Pat
From the realistic to the ridiculous, Park County and the surrounding area has offered artistic inspiration for over a century. Read more >>
Stifler, John
Note: this article was published in the summer of 2005; much of the information may be outdated. Read more >>
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