Injury Prevention

Running, overpronation
Satchell, Dr. Dan
Preventing overpronation.
trail running, running, outdoor athlete
Lundgren, Dr. Randall
Chiropractic care for outdoor athletes
Baughman, Heather
Rolfing therapy explained
Lunden, Jason
Aside from protective gear like helmets and wrist guards, proper strength and conditioning is your number-one tool for staying healthy and safe on the slopes this winter. Here are some exercises to get you ready to shred and keep you on the mountain all season long. Read more >>
Dr. Legrand, Alex
For many of us Bozemanites, the first snow of the year is a tease, an alluring look ahead to the oncoming season. We daydream about the incredible powder days, and gnarly runs that we weren't quite ready to tackle last year, but feel this year might be the one. Read more >>
Putnam, Nathan
There are plenty of things to remember when prepping for a hunt, but hearing protection is often overlooked. Properly fitting, sufficient hearing protection can prevent permanent and irreversible hearing loss. Read more >>
Durr, Carson
I’ll be honest—the first time I saw a three-foot foam roller, I didn’t get it. What was this big white tube all about? Ten years later, I believe they are one of the best physical health multitasking tools you can own. (My apologies to Chuck Norris and the Ultimate Gym.) Read more >>
Bartley, Jamie
Yoga for athletes.
Robinson, Jon F.
Once the ski season gets rolling, I often see skiers and snowboarders (referred to collectively as “skiers” from here on out) complain about pain in their anterior shins. Read more >>
Fish, Annalisa
The secret to keeping those small nagging pains from becoming chronic injuries is often early intervention. Here are a few tips for some common pains you may encounter this winter.Knee Pain Read more >>
Deibert, Mark C.
As an orthopedic sports medicine physician, I see patients with knee injuries on a daily basis. Read more >>
Lunden, Jason
As we make the transition from snow to spring runoff, it’s time to get those shoulders in check. The shoulder is the most unstable joint in the body and prone to a variety of injuries, especially if you participate in overhead activities such as kayaking and climbing. Read more >>
McCarthy, Shannon and Christian Appel
A Montana summer seems to last all of about two months, and with such a short period of optimal trail conditions, most of us tend to overexert—and that can lead to injuries. One of the most common injuries from overtraining is knee pain. Read more >>
Lunden, Dr. Jason
Running injuries are very common—up to 60% of runners get one while training or racing. Most of the time, the injuries are damage that occurs due to repetitive stress. Read more >>
LePage, Jenny
Kayak and canoe paddles, bike wheels, bare backs in the sun. Aaah, Bozeman in the springtime. It really is paradise here in southwest Montana… until that darn rotator cuff injury ruins everything! Shoulder issues are so common that it seems like everyone and their dog has one. Read more >>
Karie Baumann
Resurfacing isn't just for roads. Just as spring shows us the havoc winter has played on our byways, highways, and roads less traveled—exposing new holes, ruts, and bumpy terrain—skin shows similar wear and tear, making for a rough go of things. Read more >>
Robinson, Dr. Jon
An increase in outdoor activity sometimes means an increase in injuries, including those to the foot and ankle. Walking or running on uneven surfaces such as trails or river bottoms increases the risk of ankle injuries involving tendons, ligaments, or bones. Read more >>
Walters, Lou
Nagging joint and muscle injuries can limit winter wonderland fun. Nothing sucks more than having to hear about how epic the slopes were from your friends while you were stuck inside icing your knee and watching reruns of CSI: Kansas. Read more >>
Pakula, Amy
Ski season will be upon us soon, and now’s the time to prepare for it and thus avoid injury. Although knee injuries are certainly prevalent in skiing, back injuries are also common because the spine must absorb large amounts of force with terrain changes, moguls, and landings. Read more >>
Sveen, John D.
If you watched any of the 2008 Beijing Olympics or the 2009 world track and field championships, you probably couldn’t help but notice that dozens of those celestial bodies were adorned with brightly colored athletic tape in odd-looking, if not bizarre, patterns. So what’s the deal? Read more >>
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