Family Time

Harrison, Melynda
If you live in the Gallatin Valley, you know that biking is pretty damn fun. What you might not know is that biking with kids can be just as much fun—even though it takes a little more work and planning. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Getting your kids into the outdoors is great, but teaching them at the same time is even better. For the last 15 years, Montana Outdoor Science School (MOSS) has been providing quality outdoor education and nature camps for the youth of Bozeman. Read more >>
Mussehl-Aziz, Judee
The coming of spring is a big deal, and the Bozeman Recreation Department has planned many programs to get kids and families outdoors. Here are some highlights: Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Stricken with the struggles of puberty, awkward attempts at dating, and the ever-precarious Rubik’s cube of social acceptance, middle school is a hard time in every kid’s life. Read more >>
Soukup, Grant
In Montana, it's a sin to not take a kid fishing. Thankfully, most Montana communities are blessed with ponds and streams managed and stocked specifically for kids. Read more >>
Bass, Rick
After a long winter in the Montana high country, glacier lilies are among the first color to return that does not crawl or creep or fly. Read more >>
England, Mike
Last summer, an elementary schoolteacher in southern California happened upon a copy of Outside Bozeman. For a writing exercise, she read an essay about fishing on the Gallatin River to her students, and told them to describe on paper how the story made them feel. Read more >>
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