Ice climbing, Outside Bozeman, Bozeman, Palisade Falls
Pogge, Drew
Advice for the winter season.
Hunting Advice, Bozeman, Montana
the Editors
Advice for the fall season.
Bow hunting, Bozeman, Montana, rollerblading
Joe King
Hunting the urban interface.
astrology, Bozeman, Montana, aries
Bilverstone, Bill
Horoscopes for the fall season.
Bozeman, Montana
the Editors
Who rules Bozeman?
hunting, wapiti, big game, Montana landscape
Bill Bilverstone
A case of forebearance and beginner's luck.
slang, Bozeman vernacular, Bozeman idioms, lingo
Pogge, Drew
A guide to local lingo
Bozeman Code, know the code, how to live in bozeman, bozeman rules
Drew Pogge
Rules to live by. Hey you! Howdy. Welcome to town. Obviously if you’re here, you know that Bozeman’s a pretty special place. We want to keep it that way, so there are a few things you should know about living here so it—and we—will survive. Read more >>
Savage, Nicholas
A "courageous" case of mistaken identityI am probably the only person on Earth who can tell a story about smacking a wolf, and still manage to come across as soft. Read more >>
Wozer, Jeff
Redefining nature’s hierarchy
the editors
Bozeman summer astrology
fly-fishing, Montana, fishing in Montana, trout, fish myths
the editors
The truth behind fishing superstitions. 
Photo by Bob Allen
Bob Allen
Injured by a tenacious booger. I couldn’t make up this shit. Read more >>
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Ryan Krueger
How to spice up your next chairlift ride. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
Got snot? If you said no, you’re a liar. Snot—the stuff of mucus and boogers, not the awful California punk band—is a fact of life in the winter. Here in Montana, where the air is colder than a day-old dumpling and drier than a popcorn fart, snot happens. It happens a lot  Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
“If you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.”–Some Lame-Ass Read more >>
Drew Pogge
Lunges. Squats. Wall sits. Lateral jumps. Tuck jumps. Cardio. Plyo. Intervals.Ugh. Read more >>
Illustration by Angie Mangels
Wozer, Jeff
It is day three of backpacking in the Beartooths. I’m authoring from inside the butter-yellow walls of my Marmot tent alone. Read more >>
Illustration by Ted Rechlin
Bill Bilverstone
A few summers ago, my girlfriend Jo and I were beat up from biking trails beyond our ability and conceived a yen to float the Gallatin from the mouth of the canyon to Gallatin Gateway. Read more >>
Illustration by Courtney Blazon
Kira Stoops
For guys, scars are proof of adventure, daring, experience, and ruggedness—unintended tattoos announcing their manhood. But for ladies, it’s a little different. Our outdoor battle scars are stories—not the kind we brag about, but the kind we retell with plenty of self-depreciative eye rolling. Read more >>
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