Howlett, David
Have you ever purchased a new piece of gear, and after using it, wondered how you ever got along without it? This is exactly how I feel about the Duthie AM 17.0 hydration pack from Platypus. Read more >>
England, Mike
Dry bags will always be standard on the river, but gone are the days of being stuck with the standard blue tube. Read more >>
England, Mike
Summer in Montana means multiday backpacking trips—but not everyone wants to drop a few hundo on a fancy pack. One affordable alternative is Eureka’s Rocky Peak 50+10L. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
I love fishing, but I won’t wear a fanny pack—it’s not the ‘90s. Thankfully, the Westwater Chest Pack from Fishpond provides a great option to the more fashion-conscience fly fishers among us. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
The Osprey Aura has more bells and whistles than a one-man band at the Whoville Christmas parade. It’s built for extended trips and doesn’t miss a beat—if you can think of it, this pack’s got it. Read more >>
England, Mike
Nothing makes outdoor folk happier than when a treasured recreational product, long lost to the vicissitudes of time and market forces, rises once again. Read more >>
Lach, Devon
At first glance, the Mountainsmith Scream 25 backpack looked a bit smaller than I first imagined—but after filling it with my books, an extra scarf, and coat, I realized that it was reminiscent of the carpetbag Mary Poppins carried around. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
You need a number of smaller objects readily available during a long day on the water, and the Ocoee Duffel by Watershed is the bag to hold them. Read more >>
Davies, Colton
Who needs water? Everyone, that’s who. And for outdoorsy folks who value hydration more than most, CamelBak’s 2011 Rogue is a welcome improvement from the classic Nalgene/carabiner combo. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
Originally designed as an emergency survival pack, the Adrenaline 60+10 TentPak system comes with a built-in tent that’s lightweight and easy to set up. The pack and tent weigh less than five pounds and leave plenty of room for everything you need—minus the kitchen sink. Read more >>
Ebeling, Chris
The Osprey Exos 46 is built to impress. At 2lbs 5oz, it’s a wonder how a pack with so many dialed-in features and pockets is so light. One of the advantages of this weightlessness is comfort. Read more >>
England, Mike
Part of Jansport’s new Cloud Ripper series, the Tehipite 42 is a lightweight and surprisingly sturdy backpack. The back panel, shoulder straps, and hip belt are shaped, vented, and heavily padded, keeping the Tehipite’s 42-liter load snug and comfortable on the back. Read more >>
Sundborg, Caitlin
Need a good pack, but don’t want to fork over $400 to get one? Check out the Everest 65+10 by High Peak. Straps and buckles galore make adjusting the frame easy and allow you to find your perfect fit while minimizing frustration. Read more >>
Bass, Rick
I’m partial to the kitchen-sink style of daypacking, so the Gregory Serrac 45 suits that need wonderfully. It has a very good-fitting waist-belt and it rides smooth and firm, which, at the end of a 16-hour walk, is appreciated. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
The Fishpond Deep Creek Chest Pack solves many of the problems I’ve had with previous chest packs. Read more >>
Bass, Rick
The Talus and Salish are two sweet little packs from the Jansport Cloud Ripper series. Both are small and snug and tight on the body, resulting in high functionality no matter the activity. Read more >>
Bass, Rick
Comparing these to the big Gregory Serrac 45 would be to compare grapefruit and grapes. I’m partial to the kitchen-sink style of daypacking, so the Serrac suits that need wonderfully. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
What’s the next new product at Mystery Ranch? “We’re bringing out a ski pack that has an avalanche buoyancy system built into it,” Dana says. When activated, the Blackjack deploys a 150-liter inflatable airbag designed to keep the skier’s head and body above the slide. Read more >>
The Sierra Designs Veranda 3 Tent is the perfect crash pad for three weary travelers—or in our case, two people and two dogs. This snazzy three-season shelter is designed for comfort, with two doors, two vestibules, a high ceiling, and a panorama window to enjoy the view. Read more >>
Roderer, Ian
When the river’s too muddy to fish or your legs need rest after summiting the Sphinx, a great low-impact option around Ennis is Madison Meadows Golf Course. Read more >>
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