Stowaway SwingAway Hitch Carrier
England, Mike
If our outdoor-oriented weekends have a universal drawback, it’s finding room for all the gear. To ensure plenty of space for people, clothing, equipment, and dogs, add some storage outside the vehicle with a SwingAway Hitch Carrier. Read more >>
STM iPhone Armband
Brayton, Lea
If you’re sick of stashing your phone in your sports bra, or just want to free up a pocket, the STM Armband makes a practical piece of running gear. Read more >>
Circular  Polarizer Lens Filter by Manfrotto
Allen, Bob
You sprung for a fancy camera but your images are still lacking a certain punch. Enter Circular Polarizer lens filters from Manfrotto. Read more >>
Winter Gear Review, Bozeman, Montana
the Editors
Gear and apparel to help you ride out the rest of winter. Read more >>
outdoors, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Howlett, David
While filming footage of a beautiful trout with my iPhone, I quickly learned that reeling in a fighting fish is a two-handed ordeal, not conducive to fumbling with the touchscreen of a smartphone. Read more >>
GPS, Outside Bozeman, Montana
McCarthy, Chris
It’s been said that smartphones will eventually make GPS devices obsolete. Maybe when you can get continuous cell phone coverage, but for now, to rely on your smartphone while in the backcountry is just plain dumb. Read more >>
Pogge, Michelle
There’s nothing better than a warm shower after a day of mountain biking or climbing, but when you’re camping out of your car, there are few opportunities to get clean. Nemo’s Helio pressure shower is the answer. Read more >>
Tucker, David
When buying a new pair of sunglasses, I look for three things: fit, functionality, and style. The Takeoff by Zeal Optics satisfies all three of these criteria, meaning they won’t leave my noggin all summer. Read more >>
Howlett, David
After a “slight mishap” dumped my friend and me into the East Gallatin while canoeing spring runoff, I found myself wet, cold, hatless, and—effin shit!—my expensive sunglasses were sacrificed to the river gods as well. Luckily, I found the new Saltbreak 580P from Costa. Read more >>
Howlett, David
My iPad is an amazing device, but with my hectic lifestyle it felt susceptible… vulnerable… naked. With my tendency of killing expensive devices, I opted for the nüüd iPad Case from LifeProof. Read more >>
Allen, Bob
In the thick of the action is not a time to be hindered by cameras dangling from your neck. Read more >>
McCarthy, Danielle
From the late fall to early spring, running gets harder—your choices are running in the dark, finding a job that allows you to run during the day, or hitting the dreadmill. If the latter two options are out, pick up a GoMotion Reactor Lightvest. Read more >>
England, Mike
Like headlamps, water bladders have become an outdoor-equipment staple—for civilians and soldiers alike. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
After 11 years in a 13.5-foot, standard-floor raft, I had a good idea of what I wanted in a new boat. It had to be a self-bailer, have removable thwarts, and since my family was bigger, it needed to be longer and wider. Read more >>
England, Mike
Summer means sunshine and vigorous physical activity—and if it’s a well-made but no-frills pair of shades you’re after, check out the Revo Harness. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
The Yeti Tundra 65 now has a permanent spot on my raft. Built by outdoorsmen, it’s constructed to fit perfectly in the frame, and the 65-quart size is great for a one or two-day float. Read more >>
Davies, Colton
The necessity of having a dependable knife on hand hit me like a blunt edge after a wilderness survival workshop last spring (see Outside Bozeman Summer 2012), and the Gerber LMF II Survival could be the key to luxury in the wild. Read more >>
England, Mike
Modern cell phones may have rendered two-way radios rare, but certainly not obsolete—when’s the last time you whipped out your $400 iPhone in a rainstorm? For harsh weather, remote locations, and emergency situations, the Motorola Talkabout is what you need. Read more >>
England, Mike
Ask for a knife in the company of any self-respecting Montana man, and nine times out of ten, out flashes a burly blade suitable for everything from cutting cardboard to field-dressing an elk. But what about around the office or on the town, when that mini-scimitar seems a mite, well, excessive? Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
There are a few things that are vitally important when I’m shopping for a pair of new sunglasses: they must be big enough to provide protection from the sun and wind, sit snugly against my face without being claustrophobic, provide good ventilation, and be able to sit on top of my head when I wal Read more >>
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