Avex 3Sixty Pour
Tucker, David
Nothing beats hot coffee, especially on a crisp mountain morning. But all too often, after, I go to drown my work-day sorrows in a hot cup o’ joe and it’s stone cold. Not anymore, as the 3Sixty Pour Thermos from Avex has changed all that. Read more >>
KESTREL Sportsman
England, Mike
As optics improve and long-range shooting gains popularity, the need for reliable technological assistance rises, too. Which is where the Kestrel Sportsman comes in. Read more >>
MAVEN B.3 Bino
McCarthy, Chris
It happens all the time: you’re cruising down some backroad and off in the distance… is that a rock or a bear? I wish I had my binoculars in the truck…Well wish no more. The Maven B.3 10x30 binoculars are the compact answer to seeing a long distance. Read more >>
Igloo Sportsman Cooler
England, Mike
We all grew up with Igloos, those ubiquitous red- or blue-and-white coolers of varying shapes and sizes—and now we can grow old with them, too. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
The Griz bear-spray belt by Scat is a unique way to have your spray on the quick draw. Read more >>
Yeti Hopper
McCarthy, Chris
Most every outdoor adventure has the need for a cooler, but a hard-sided cooler can be overkill for some outings. You want a soft-sided icebox that’s easy to carry, will keep your beverages cold, and won’t leak on a 90-degree day. Read more >>
Bozeman Spring Trail Running
the editors
Spring running-gear roundup. 
the editors
A roundup of outdoor gear and apparel from the Outdoor Retailer show. Read more >>
Vivitar DVR 787HD Action Camera
England, Mike
GoPros may be all the rage, but there are plenty of other POV options out there, with great picture quality at a much lower pricepoint. The DVR 787 Action Camera from Vivitar is one such alternative. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
When you’re hiking deep into the backcountry, it’s nice to have some extra support. It’s even better when that support comes in an ultralight carbon package that’s easily stowable. Read more >>
Stowaway SwingAway Hitch Carrier
England, Mike
If our outdoor-oriented weekends have a universal drawback, it’s finding room for all the gear. To ensure plenty of space for people, clothing, equipment, and dogs, add some storage outside the vehicle with a SwingAway Hitch Carrier. Read more >>
STM iPhone Armband
Brayton, Lea
If you’re sick of stashing your phone in your sports bra, or just want to free up a pocket, the STM Armband makes a practical piece of running gear. Read more >>
Circular  Polarizer Lens Filter by Manfrotto
Allen, Bob
You sprung for a fancy camera but your images are still lacking a certain punch. Enter Circular Polarizer lens filters from Manfrotto. Read more >>
Winter Gear Review, Bozeman, Montana
the Editors
Gear and apparel to help you ride out the rest of winter. Read more >>
outdoors, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Howlett, David
While filming footage of a beautiful trout with my iPhone, I quickly learned that reeling in a fighting fish is a two-handed ordeal, not conducive to fumbling with the touchscreen of a smartphone. Read more >>
GPS, Outside Bozeman, Montana
McCarthy, Chris
It’s been said that smartphones will eventually make GPS devices obsolete. Maybe when you can get continuous cell phone coverage, but for now, to rely on your smartphone while in the backcountry is just plain dumb. Read more >>
Pogge, Michelle
There’s nothing better than a warm shower after a day of mountain biking or climbing, but when you’re camping out of your car, there are few opportunities to get clean. Nemo’s Helio pressure shower is the answer. Read more >>
Tucker, David
When buying a new pair of sunglasses, I look for three things: fit, functionality, and style. The Takeoff by Zeal Optics satisfies all three of these criteria, meaning they won’t leave my noggin all summer. Read more >>
Howlett, David
After a “slight mishap” dumped my friend and me into the East Gallatin while canoeing spring runoff, I found myself wet, cold, hatless, and—effin shit!—my expensive sunglasses were sacrificed to the river gods as well. Luckily, I found the new Saltbreak 580P from Costa. Read more >>
Howlett, David
My iPad is an amazing device, but with my hectic lifestyle it felt susceptible… vulnerable… naked. With my tendency of killing expensive devices, I opted for the nüüd iPad Case from LifeProof. Read more >>
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