Review: Moment Lenses

Moment Superfish Lens

Review: Moment Lenses

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David Tucker

The Superfish, Wide & Tele. 

In just several years’ time, smart phones have virtually replaced point-and-shoot cameras as the main tool for automatic digital photography, and they’ve made better photographers of us all. But our skills have a limit, and so does the technology. That’s why I sprung for some add-on lenses from Moment, including the Wide, Tele, and Superfish. The lenses attach to my iPhone with an included mount and make for excellent photos when utilizing Moment’s app, which you can download. Now when I find myself riding along a ridgeline, I can bust out the phone, attach my Superfish lens, and capture the entire landscape. Or if there’s a lot of content in a small space, and I want to include it all, I can screw on the Wide and nothing gets cropped out.                                            

While the lenses do make for better photos, they need to be cared for in hostile environs; the lenses fog easily in cold weather, and they’re surprisingly heavy and quite bulky, so I suggest leaving them unattached until the image presents itself. Superfish $90, Wide & Tele $100;

Moment LensThe Superfish captures the close-up and far-off.

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