Scarpa Ignite Women's shoe Review
Brayton, Lea
From the moment I slipped on the Ignite Women’s trail runners by Scarpa, my feet sighed in relief—no tension points and a very comfortable fit. Read more >>
Balega v-tech quarter
Tucker, David
I’ve never been a runner, but last summer, I trashed my mountain bike and wasn’t able to pick up a new one until recently. That meant I needed another exercise outlet, and since running is relatively affordable, I decided to give it a try. Read more >>
Scarpa Oxigen GTX, Scarpa day-hikers
Howlett, David
I don’t think I’m asking too much out of my shoes—I only need them to be waterproof, breathable, comfortable, stylish, and versatile enough for a rugged trail hike followed by an evening on the town with friends. Enter the Oxigen GTX from the fine folks at Scarpa. Read more >>
Rassler, by Astral
England, Mike
Famous for their low-profile PFDs, Astral recently expanded their product line to include, among other things, water shoes. The super-lightweight Rassler is designed for backcountry kayaking—hiking deep into the mountains before plunging into the water for a raging run back out. Read more >>
OBOZ's Luna Low
Slepian, Maggie
I was planning a multi-day long-distance hike and needed something to protect my feet as much as possible. The rugged outsoles on Oboz’s Luna Low hiking shoes drew me in. I took a gamble and set off without breaking these guys in, but never noticed any shoe-induced discomfort. Read more >>
Oboz's Mendenhall shoes
England, Mike
The accepted look for an official Bozeman Outdoor Guy calls for adventure apparel at all times, but must we really be prepared to hike Granite Peak at a moment’s notice? Read more >>
The Fast Alpina GTX by Fast Alpina
England, Mike
There’s no better way to cure cabin fever and work off winter fat than to hit the trail. Which is what prompted me to pick up the FastAlpina GTX from AKU, a versatile trail shoe that attacks, with aplomb, the variable conditions of early-season trails. Read more >>
ice climbing, boots, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Pogge, Drew
For climbing ice and mixed routes in southwest Montana, a boot’s fit and comfort are key. Our approaches can be long, and the weather is notoriously cold and fickle, and with the inherent wetness and inactivity of climbing and belaying, it’s a tough job for any piece of footwear. Read more >>
footwear, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Solomon, Morgan
I want three things in an all-season hiking boot: a waterproof exterior, breathability, and a sneaker-like feel. The Verterra Mid Waterproof by Merrell fits the bill, allowing me to take a hike in any season. Read more >>
winter gear, boots, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Mangels, Angie
Every girl can use a good pair of stylish yet functional winter boots for when the weather turns cold. Merrell’s Captiva Buckle-Down waterproof boot is a great option, blending refined good looks with rugged all-day comfort. Read more >>
orthotics, footbed inserts, overpronation
England, Mike
I’ve always liked footbed inserts, but I never really knew why—until a chiropractor noticed my overpronation and put me into a Vasyli custom orthotic. Read more >>
Trail shoe, AKU, shoe review
Howlett, David
Living in Bozeman, it’s not uncommon to leave work and head directly to a favorite trail for a hike, mountain-bike ride, or some other afternoon adventure. Having a shoe that can do it all is essential, and the Rock Lite II GTX from AKU is just that. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chirs
My feet are in a constant battle—too hot, too cold, too sweaty—but the Lorpen T3 Light Hiker might be the Treaty of Versailles for my barking dogs. These socks actually have three separate layers of fiber, each providing a different function. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
Comfort and functionality are at the top of my list when shopping for new footwear, and Keen’s Gypsum hiking shoe meets and exceeds both criteria. These lightweight shoes marry the best traits of a sneaker and a hiking boot, with no break-in period needed. Read more >>
Loftin, Jaute
Stylish in an Annie-Oakley-meets-Jackie-Kennedy kinda way, Trask’s Dillon boots are handcrafted from high-quality calf-skin and designed specifically for a woman’s foot. Read more >>
England, Mike
It took me a long time to fall for aftermarket footbeds, but when I fell, I fell hard—I now have an entire harem. The latest recipient of my abiding insole affection is the ArchFlex AFS Premier by Icebug. Read more >>
England, Mike
For an all-around mountain boot, I found the Scarpa Mont Blanc GTX to be ideal. Snug and comfy right out of the box, with an Advanced Mid-Sole System for shock absorption and increased sensitivity, the Mont Blanc served me well in a wide range of alpine applications. Read more >>
England, Mike
If you're like me, you sport flips long before the long, lazy days of summer arrive, in an optimistic (read: futile) attempt to usher the season in sooner. Read more >>
England, Mike
From hunting marshy meadows to hiking in the snow, Montana’s outdoor activities demand a good high-top boot. There’s no shortage of options, but I like the Gen-Flex VGS 9” by Wood ‘N’ Stream. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
Determined to spend as few tortuous days running on a treadmill as possible this winter, I needed a good cold-weather running shoe. I also wanted a shoe that was water resistant yet breathable, and provided stable footing for changing conditions. Read more >>
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