socks, sock, fleece, Bozeman
Chris McCarthy
I spend a lot of time on trails, mostly running or hiking. Read more >>
Review: Oboz Bridger 8" Insulated
Chris McCarthy
It’s rare to find a boot that works well in so many different environments, but that is exactly what you get with the Oboz Bridger 8” insulat Read more >>
Sassa GTX Women's Mid Lowa, Sassa, Lowa, women's boot
Brandy Burke
For women with ankle instability, the Lowa Sassa GTX Mid trekking boot is what you need. Read more >>
Brooks, trail running, outside Bozeman
Chris McCarthy
The new Caldera from Brooks features BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning that's plush on the trail but firm and responsive in changing conditions. Because of the extra cushion, this shoe doesn’t have a rock plate, but so far I’ve had no issues on jagged, rocky terrain. Read more >>
Women’s Sawtooth Mid B-DRY OBOZ
Melissa Doar
"I’ve worn lots of shoes. I bet if I think about it real hard I can remember my first pair of shoes." So said Forrest Gump, and the same can be said for my first pair of hiking boots. They were full leather, heavy, took forever to break in, and didn’t grip anything when wet. Read more >>
Oboz Women's Sawtooth Low
Joyce Pollastro
I've always been skeptical of low hiking shoes because of their lack of ankle support. Read more >>
LOWA Innox GTX Mid, Montana Backpacking
England, Mike
Gone are the days of weighty, oversized hiking boots—those eight-pound clodhoppers that made the ankles invincible but limited one’s pace to a slow, steady walk. Read more >>
Chris McCarthy
Running in the winter is a challenge. Donning the right layers for the temperature, selecting the correct sunglass lens for lighting, and making sure I'm visible in the short days—these are just a few of the decisions I make prior to each run. Read more >>
Stephanie Schmieding
I don’t think my feet had ever felt a hug before I slipped on the Oboz Bridger 7" Insulated Waterproof b Read more >>
muck boots, Lacrosse
David Tucker
Our winters are cold and snowy—protect yourself with a pair of Alpha Range Read more >>
Review: Vasque Clarion GTX 88
Mio Alt
Coveting vintage gear-and-apparel design isn't new. For a long time now, I've wanted my mom's 70s-era fleeces, but I want them to be made of modern materials so that they can perform up to modern standards. Read more >>
Farm 2 Feet, Bozeman, Socks
David Tucker
Socks have become a passion of mine. When I get a pair I like, I obsess. If the model is discontinued or updated, I panic. Read more >>
Hunting Boots, Southwest Montana, Bozeman
Kurt Dehmer
Footwear for the field. 
Review: Balega Blister Resist
David Tucker
Early in the running season, blisters are the norm. Read more >>
Review: Scarpa Spin Ultra
David Tucker
I’ve taken to running with cushy-soled trail shoes because the thick foam supposedly helps my achy knees.While I’ve had good results with a variety of models, the large sole profiles can trip me up on technical trails with lots of rocks and roots. Read more >>
Review: La Sportiva TX4
Dawn Brintnall
Climbers are notorious for owning shoes for every condition and climbing style. Read more >>
Review: Altra Timp 1.5
Simon Peterson
Altra’s Timp 1.5 are the comfiest shoes I’ve ever put my feet in. Read more >>
Review: Xero TerraFlex
Mike England
The minimalist craze may have settled somewhat (good riddance, Five Fingers), but one profound principle remains: our bodies need to connect to the earth, not be insulated from it. And that’s what footwear manufacturer Xero advocates, even to the point of not wearing shoes at all. Read more >>
Review: AKU Rapida GTX
Mike England
Bright colors and fancy designs may be all the rage among sporty, nuevo-outdoor types, but when it comes to footwear, I prefer an earthier approach. Read more >>
Review: Bridgedale Lightweight T2
Mike England
Spend enough time with different socks on your feet and eventually you’ll settle on one or two brands that fit better and last longer than the rest. Read more >>
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