Review: Salomon Odyssey Pro

Review: Salomon Odessey Pro Hiking Shoe

Review: Salomon Odyssey Pro

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David Tucker

A minimalist hiker for the weight-conscious. 

Gram-counting is all the rage these days, and that trend hasn't been ignored by the long-distance-hiking crowd.

Apparel is lighter, packs have been paired down, and trekking poles feel like stalks of bamboo. Footwear, long the burliest and beefiest item on the hiker's checklist, has also been put on a diet. 

The result: hiking shoes that look more like trail runners than boots. In fact, when I first received the Odyssey Pros from Salomon, that's what I assumed they were. Only in emailing with the product rep did I discover they were indeed hiking shoes geared toward thru-hikers in need of lightweight, all-day comfort and performance.

And the Odyssey Pros delivered, especially in the performance category. They grip trail like my lab's fur grips car seats. My first time out with the shoes, I hiked up and over into Frazier Basin in the North Bridgers. It was late summer and the trail was loose, and we all know how steep it is. Zero slippage, up or down.

As far as comfort, these shoes receive high marks as well. They have a wide toe box, which is great when going downhill in steep, loose terrain, and a deep heel cup keeps my foot in place when heading uphill, making for more efficient climbing. They're only about as high on the ankle as a running shoe, so I wouldn't recommend them if you plan on shouldering a particularly heavy load, but they'd be great for weekend backpacks and bowhunting season. As I mentioned earlier, they're geared toward thru-hikers, which we don't see a lot of around here, but when fast and light is your goal, they won't disappoint. 



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