Review: Oboz Sawtooth Low B-DRY

Oboz Women's Sawtooth Low

Review: Oboz Sawtooth Low B-DRY

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Joyce Pollastro

I've always been skeptical of low hiking shoes because of their lack of ankle support. However, the OBoz Sawtooth Low B-DRY hiker has proven me wrong. On a warm, late-winter day, I ditched my insulated boots and took these babies out for a muddy mountain trot. The trail was still a bit icy too, so I needed to be prepared for anything.

First off, I wear an orthotic on my right foot. As soon as I put on the Sawtooths and laced them up, my feet—including the foot with the orthotic—felt very comfortable. The traditional lace-up design allowed room for the orthotic and hiking socks. The footbed supported my feet, conforming to them so they didn't slide around on descent. They also kept my feet cozy and warm while maintaining breathability. As far as overall comfort, this was the most comfortable low-hiker I've ever worn.

During my ascent, the Sawtooth exceeded my expectations for traction. The trail was muddy and icy, yet no matter the ground's surface, the soles held. Also, because the laces stayed snug, there was no toe jam. 

The Sawtooth Low B-DRY hikers are also water-resistant. While I walked through wet, muddy trails, my feet stayed dry and warm. The attractive look of these hikers is a definite plus, as well. $110;

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