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Ruffwear Overcoat Review
Bob Allen
In this crazy, mixed-up world, not all dogs are created equal. If mom and dad left the mutt a little short in the fur department, what better way to show some love to your best friend than a fitted overcoat for those frosty days? Read more >>
pets, dog treats, treat pouch
Mike England
Hands-on training requires, well, hands, and cumbersome plastic packages can get in the way. Read more >>
dog food bowl pet
Mike England
Hot and dry—that’s summer in Montana. On those long hikes where water’s scarce, keep your hound hydrated with the Collaps-a-Bowl by Kurgo. Strong and sturdy, it holds a whopping 24 ounces and flattens for easy storage after the break. Read more >>
ruffwear dog harness
Mike England
We all need a leg up once in a while, especially dogs rock-hopping behind us high up in the mountains. Read more >>
dog, vest, gear, life vest
Mike England
When running rapids or initiating a young pup, Ruffwear’s Float Coat puts the mind at ease—even as it disquiets the dog Read more >>
Review: West Paw Skamp
Melissa Doar
My labs—one chocolate one yellow—are power chewers. If you have labs, and if you live in Bozeman chances are you probably do, you know what I mean. My family plays a game where everyone tries to guess how long a dog toy will last. Read more >>
Ruff Wear Float Coat
Mike England
Whether you’re running rapids or just getting your puppy out on the water early, Ruff Wear’s Float Coat Read more >>
Orvis Recycled Fly Line Leash
Angie Mangels
Recycled Fly Line Leash
Ruffwear Singletrak Pack
McCarthy, Chris
I’m in the mountains a lot, running a trail, bagging a peak, or shooting a grouse. Typically, my dog Seamus is with me, but rarely by my side. His off-trail adventures generally leave him thirsty and me short of water—but not anymore. Read more >>
RuffWear Approach Pack
Tucker, David
Most dogs that love trails love accomplishing tasks. That’s why it’s nice having my lab Hank carry his own load in his Approach Pack from Ruffwear. He gets a sense of pride out of the responsibility. Read more >>
Adventure Medical Dog First Aid
Tucker, David
Dogs need first-aid same as people, in fact moreso in many cases. Now that Adventure Medical Kits makes the Me & My Dog Series, you get what you need for people and pooches, all in one package. Read more >>
ZUKE'S Power Bones
Tucker, David
We all need to pound calories if we’re going to be pounding trail, and our dogs are no different. During the hot Montana summer, they’ll be burning energy at a high rate, which is why I’m glad I have Zuke’s Power Bones to keep Hank going strong all day. Read more >>
Ruffwear Dog Beds
Tucker, David
Sleeping gear for dogs.
Ruffware PFD doggie lifejacket
Howlett, David
My little dog Brutus goes almost everywhere with me, including many waterborne adventures. He swims well, but he’s getting older, so I decided it was time for a life-vest. But it ain’t easy finding a PFD that fits an eight-pound Chihuahua (please, don’t judge—there’s an explanation). Read more >>
dogs, Skookum, Outside Bozeman, Montana
McCarthy, Chris
I’m often envious of my dog: breakfast, nap, walk, nap, play, nap, dinner, nap. His is a lifestyle I could definitely tolerate. But now it’s gotten truly ridiculous—my dog sleeps on a better bed than mine. Read more >>
pets, Outside Bozeman, Montana
McCarthy, Chris
Training your hunting dog requires patience, consistency, and good tools. One of the best tools I’ve found is the Delta Upland electronic collar from Garmin. Read more >>
England, Mike
If only I’d had the Ruffwear Beacon years ago, when my old dog Bear went deaf—it would’ve saved me countless hours trying to locate his jet-black body when he’d wander off at night. Read more >>
England, Mike
Every Montana dog owner gets a little anxious during hunting season, and for good reason—there are definitely a few dumbasses roaming the woods, loaded guns in hand. Read more >>
Lizer, Scott
When I came to the realization that my 100-pound dog was essentially a pack animal and could carry things for me with ease, I went out and found Kurgo’s Max Pack doggie backpack. Read more >>
O'Neal, Meghan
You’re on a hike with your canine buddy and you bust out an energy bar. Buster stares at your snack, eyes begging for a bite. But it’s people food, and you down it despite the desperate gaze of your hungry pup. Read more >>
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