Review: Wenzel Camp Quilt
Joyce Pollastro
I took Wenzel's Camp Quilt along to a music festival this past summer and it proved a cozy solution for when t Read more >>
Review: GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station
David Tucker
Dispersed camping is the best camping, but there are drawbacks—such as the lack of a picnic table for food prep. Read more >>
Review: Thermarest NeoAir X-Lite, Backpacking Gear, Bozeman
Ian Roderer
I’ve spent hundreds of nights in the outdoors over the past 20 years. Read more >>
GCI Outdoor Wilderness Backpacker
Mike England
Relax in style anywhere with the Wilderness Backpacker from GCI Read more >>
Kammok, Roo Single, hammock
Mike England
For an impromptu nap or overnight on early-season hikes or river trips, you can’t beat the Roo Sing Read more >>
gear, light, camp light
Mike England
Silly name aside, the Luminoodle light rope by Power Practical is a smart investment in outdoor illumination—especially in the fall, when daylight recedes earlier as the season moves along. Read more >>
gear, camping, hunting
Mike England
Despite the perils of a booming economy, you gotta give it this: it drives innovation. Take the outdoor-light industry, for example, where every time you turn around, somebody has made a brighter headlamp, a better bike light, a cooler lantern. Read more >>
the editors
Summer’s not complete without at least one good camping trip—and we’re not talking backpacks and freeze-dried food. We’re talking pack-the-Pathfinder, fill-up-four-coolers, drop-a-hundo-at-the-grocery-store kinda camping. Read more >>
Outside Bozeman, Headlamp, UCO
Mike England
Think headlamp design has reached its zenith? With bike-helmet-style adjustments and a full-range brightness dial, UCO’s X-120R X-ACT Fit shines new light on what a head-mounted light can be. There are no buttons to break; the Infinite Dial turns seamlessly from 0 to 120 lumens. Read more >>
Cooking in the backcountry, camp skillet, windburner accessories
David Tucker
Cooking in the backcountry can make or break an outing. This summer, do yourself a favor and get the easy-to-use Windburner accessories from MSR. Read more >>
the editors
Minus a few extreme eventualities – snow, swarms of skeeters, a hungry griz sniffing around the tent – backcountry camping in the summer is a good time no matter what gear you've got. But a few small comforts and conveniences can go a long way. Read more >>
Nemo Nocturne 15
Chris McCarthy
I’ve never been a fan of mummy bags; I understand their usefulness when backpacking, but even then I’ve been known to take a traditional bag for comfort. NEMO must have read my mind because they’ve combined comfort and packability with their Nocturne 15. Read more >>
ExtremeStart Pine Mountain
England, Mike
Yes, we know, every Bozemaniac worth his or her salt should be able to start a fire with a match—and ladies, beware the bumbling bloke who can’t—but sometimes you want a big flame right away, so you can move on to more important things, like eating and drinking. Read more >>
Sol Escape Bivvy Review
England, Mike
When you’re deep in the backcountry chasing game, the possibility of an unexpected bivouac is ever-present. Maybe you followed a big bull all day, only to find yourself 10 miles from camp at dusk. Or maybe a lightning storm rolled in and you’ve holed up in a cave for safety. Read more >>
MSR Papa Hubba NX, Montana Camping
Howlett, David
When my family outgrew our beloved Mutha Hubbard three-person tent, upgrading to MSR’s larger Papa Hubba NX four-person backpacking tent was an easy choice. Read more >>
Montana Camping, Car Camping Montana, Therm-a-Rest
the editors
Gear to get out.
Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Sleeping Bag, Montana Camping
Howlett, David
It was in a tent at Hyalite Reservoir when I finally gave up any hope of getting sleep while being pinned between two miniature inflatable rafts that my nieces were using as makeshift mattresses. Never again, I vowed! Read more >>
Therm-a-Rest Capella, Montana Camping
Howlett, David
My trusted Therm-a-Rest sleeping bag has kept me warm through many cold Montana adventures, so when it came time to upgrade sleeping gear for my twin nieces, I knew right where to turn. Read more >>
Brooks Range Drift 0
Tucker, David
When you’re on a hut, yurt, or Forest Service cabin trip, a good night’s sleep is essential. Your body is working hard and needs to recuperate, and restless sleep just won’t do. Therefore, you need a bag that’s going to be comfortable and warm without being bulky or heavy. Read more >>
Tucker, David
Though you can get calories from jerky or trail mix, a piping hot soup or sweet and filling oatmeal can be the difference between misery and joy (not to mention hot coffee or tea) when backpacking. Space in your pack is precious, so you want something that packs away in a tight, compact unit. Read more >>
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