Pearl Izumi X-Alp Elevate, Mountain Biking, Bozeman, Montana
David Tucker
On big backcountry rides, performance is king.
Pearl Izumi Select Escape Texture Jersey
Angie Mangels
Cute and stylish,
Yakima, rack, Full Swing
Mike England
Load up the whole family, or any friendly foursome, and hit the trail together with Yakima’s FullSwing Read more >>
Lezyne Port-a-Shop Pro Review
Angie Mangels
It felt like Christmas came early when I opened Lezyne’s well-designed Read more >>
mountain bike, biking, bike light, gear
Mike England
As darkness comes sooner to southwest Montana, but temps remain (relatively) warm, a bike light becomes an essential item—for everything from in-town commuting to post-work Read more >>
RockyMounts, Outside Bozeman, bike rack, bike mount
David Tucker
In Bozeman, it’s an unfortunate reality that to ride mountain trails, you’re going to have to haul some bikes. Luckily, there’s the Splitrail from RockyMounts. Read more >>
Feedback Sports Pro-Elite
David Tucker
Unless this was the winter you decided to fat-bike more, it’s probably been a few months since you took your steed for a gallop. Do yourself a favor: before returning to the trail, give ‘er a tune up. Read more >>
RockyMounts TomaHawk Review
Tucker, David
If you’re like me and you drive a small car but love to ride, then you’ve probably been faced with the dilemma of what to do with your bike when it’s time to load the car. Read more >>
Dakine slayer elbow pad
Tucker, David
Rocks are hard and bikes go fast, so in order to protect my boney knees and elbows, I got a set of Slayer Pads from Dakine. Now when I’m bombing down from Mystic Lake, I don’t have to worry as much about careering off the Wall of Death. Read more >>
Intense Uzzi
Simon Peterson
Taking freeride mountain biking back to the future, Intense has re-introduced the Uzzi with vamped-up components and a 27.5-inch wheelbase that adds to its outstanding versatility. Read more >>
Review: Smith Round
David Tucker
Sunglasses are expensive, so I need something I can wear all the time. Read more >>
Review: Stio Pinecone SS
Joyce Pollastro
Stio’s Pinecone SS team jersey is great for steamy, high-output bike rides. Read more >>
Mountain Biking, Bozeman, Montana
David Tucker
Versatile summer gear. 
Pearl Izumi Launch Short, Mountain Biking, Bozeman, Montana
Angie Mangels
The Launch
Pearl Izumi X-Alp Launch, Mountain Biking, Bozeman, Montana
Angie Mangels
Pearl Izumi continues to develop its mountain-bike lineup by adding a flat-pedal shoe. Read more >>
Simon Peterson
The Shred Soaza mountain-bike goggles offer a wide range of view and advanced optics technology to keep everything in perspective. Read more >>
Mike England
With Bozeman’s booming population, there are more cars, and idiot drivers, than ever. Read more >>
Cycl WingLights
Mike England
Spring’s here and it’s time to ride—which means it’s also time to worry about getting flattened by an F-350. Fret less with CYCL’s WingLights, a cool innovation for cyclists that offers visibility for drivers and peace of mind for you. Read more >>
The Dog Outdoors WalkingDog Plus
Angie Mangels
Sometimes, you need to get your dog exercised quickly and across town safely by bike. The WalkyDog Plus bike leash is an ingenious yet simple product that gives you hands-free control while riding. Read more >>
Leatt Airflex MTB Pads
Peterson, Simon
The Leatt Airflex knee and elbow bike pads are lightweight and low profile making them a great option for all types of mountain-bike rides. I hardly notice them in the pack on the ascent and they are comfortable and cool on the downhill, which is why they never leave the pack. Read more >>
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