Hyalite creek, fishing around Bozeman, Bozeman fishing, fly fishing
Sawyer, Kit
Intro to fishing in the BozoneIf you’re new to the sport of fly fishing, now is a great time to get out and wet a line in the fabled waters of southwest Montana. Here are a few places to go broaden your riparian education. Read more >>
Lakes in Montana, alpine lakes, lake fishing
Pierre, Mike
Take a break at a lakeWhen you choose to live in Bozeman, you give yourself the chance to explore Montana’s spectacular backcountry. Take a break from the grind and visit one of the following alpine lakes for quiet solitude and great fishing. Read more >>
Fishing in Yellowstone, Yellowstone National Park, Firehole River
Parks, Richard
The fish are waiting.
lake fishing in Montana, alpine lakes, fly fishing,
Adelman, Jake
Approaching alpine-lake fishing
lake fishing in Montana, fly fishing, Hebgen Lake, lakes to fish
Ward, Mark
What lakes to fish near Bozeman
small-stream fishing, fly fishing in Montana, creek fishing
Reed, Tom
Small-stream fishing around southwest Montana
fishing the Madison, fly fishing, fishing in Montana, Madison River
Way, John
A study of the iconic Madison River. 
fishing reels, fishing gear, fly fishing, fishing essentials
Tompkins, Josh
What you need to fish Montana
brown fish, fishing story, fishing in Montana, trout
Reed, Tom
August, that thick season of harvest and summer fading in a series of hot days, a time of sunburn and sweat. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chirs
I have a new fishing partner; I’ll call him Eddie. He doesn’t drink my beer or eat my food. Hell, he doesn’t even try to catch fish, but he does provide protection. Protection from summer heat. Protection from sunburn. Read more >>
Hebgen Lake, Lake Fishing, Alpine Fishing, Fishing in Montana
Lewis, Jimmy
Angling fun in Montana's lakes
Jones, Andrea
Understanding Montana's stream-access law
Ruby River, fly-fishing, fishing in Montana, Montana river
Hartman, Justin
The river to wadeNestled in the Gravelly and Ruby Mountains outside Alder, the Ruby River flows from Ruby Reservoir. Narrower than most of the major rivers in southwest Montana, the Ruby offers unique and rewarding fishing. Read more >>
Beaverhead River, fly-fishing, fishing in Montana, big-trout river
Hartman, Justin
Montana's fish factory.
Big Hole River, fly-fishing, fishing in Montana
Smith, Tom
Six fish species, one river
fly-fishing, Montana, fishing in Montana, trout, fish myths
the editors
The truth behind fishing superstitions. 
cooking fish, fish by the fire, cleaning your catch, fishing in Montana
Kuntz, Steve
A guide to gutting your fish
Rainbow Trout, fishing in Montana, playing with your food
Reed, Tom
What catch-and-release really is
Strainer, Chris
Spring runoff. For the fly angler, this season of muddy torrents means one of three things: 1) wait it out; 2) fish still water (ponds and lakes); or 3) fish a tailwater river (controlled by a dam). Option 1 sucks, and option 2 ain’t no picnic either. Read more >>
Boyce, Dan
The fine art of the foul-hook“There’s one!” I say with the strained sort of exhale one uses to indicate a fish on the end of the line is bigger than it actually is. Read more >>
  • Fly

    Fly Fishing, Fishing, Big Hole River
    Drew Hulse
    The hazy work of learning to fly fish. In Montana, you may mountain bike, you may kayak, you may climb, you may ski. You may even hunt. But you must fish.  Read more >>
    Gallatin River, Fly Fishing, Gallatin River Guides
    David Tucker
    A mini-vacation along the Gallatin. 
    Montana Fly Fishing, Yellowstone River
    Dan Gigone
    It's easier to see clearly when you know where to look.  Read more >>
    Lower Madison River, Fishing montana, fly fishing, floating
    John Way
    The lower Madison in spring. Spring is a tricky season for the angler: weather is unpredictable, fish are elusive, and stream flows are in constant flux. Finding a waterway worthy of your time and effort can be challenging, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Read more >>
    Fly Tying, Bozeman Fly Fishing, Drake-a-Nator
    Jeff Hostetler
    Saving your fishing universe. 
  • Spin

    bait fishing, fishing bait, fishing in Montana, old-fashioned fishing
    England, Mike
    Bait fishing basics
    Marabou Jig, fishing lure, spin fishing, fishing in Montana
    Dehmer, Kurt
    Top five lures for every tackle box 
    Pogge, Drew
    I am not a disciple of Norman Maclean. To say it another way: I’m not a fly fisherman. Fly fishing is fine and dandy, but I’m more of an eater than a fisher. Fishing is something I do to provide myself with juicy, succulent meat, and that’s pretty much where the romance ends. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    88%: trout’s chance of survival if exhaustively exercised62%: trout’s chance of survival if exhaustively exercised and held out of the water for 30 seconds Read more >>
  • Ice

    Winter Poetry, Montana Poetry
    Jelinski, Jack
    The ancient ritual is unknown to all but a chosen few,the strong, the bold, and the exceedingly bravewho tempt fate upon the frozen wasteswhere death awaitsin a final, terrible, dead-frozen grave.  Read more >>
    Reed, Molly
    Think fishing competitions are only for the summer? Think again—here are three ice-fishing derbies around southwest Montana this winter.January 26-27Lions Club Perch Ice Fishing Derby, Canyon Ferry Reservoir, Townsend January 26 Read more >>
    Lewis, Jimmy
    The true force behind ice fishing is that it is better than no fishing at all. –Jim Harrison, “Ice Fishing, the Moronic Sport” Read more >>
    Barnes, Alyssa
    Hemingway once said, “Anyone can be a fisherman in May.” Fortunately for those of us in the Madison Valley, it’s pretty easy to be a fisherman the other 11 months of the year as well. Yes, even in January. All you need are a few simple tools, some warm clothes, and an open mind. Read more >>
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