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Women Who Wine

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Edwards, Becky
When Babs Noelle founded Women Who Wine in 2004, her vision wasn’t just of a bunch of gals unabashedly guzzling vino. Noelle wanted to better understand and positively affect this new community she moved to from Denver—and make a few friends in the process. Women Who Wine is a group of forward-thinking, community-minded women from across the Gallatin Valley who meet on every third Thursday of the month (with the exception of November and December when meetings are on the second Thursday) and partake in some appetizers and excellent bottles of wine while increasing their awareness of local nonprofit organizations.

During each meeting, a representative from a local nonprofit (Thrive and Habitat for Humanity were two recent presenters) provides general information and answers questions. “We’ve had great response from our members regarding community service they learned about from the Women Who Wine meetings,” Noelle states. “Thrive has recruited many excellent mentors.” In addition to the money raised each night for the presenting organization, Women Who Wine auctions off all of the leftover wine from the year, the proceeds from which benefit all of the charitable organizations that dispersed information during the meetings throughout the year.

To become a member, you must be invited three times by a current member. A five-dollar donation to the presenting nonprofit as well as an appetizer and bottle of wine are required. If invited to become a full-fledged member, a $100 donation (which is then donated to the evening's nonprofit) or ten hours of community service are required. Noelle adds, “Most of our members do both, which is fantastic.”

In addition to the charitable knowledge gleaned from each meeting, Noelle also holds a “circle intro” that works as a social stimulator or introduction, whereby all attendees introduce themselves and add something about themselves, such as a need they currently have in their lives, a personal mantra, etc. According to Noelle, “We’ve had women find playdate partners, friends to winter hike with, and occasionally a single brother!”

For more information about Women Who Wine, email [email protected].

At Least We Don't Go Bald: The Women's Conference

Tammy Wynette said it best; sometimes it's hard to be woman. We're over half the population, we make up about 60% of college students and less than 10% of the prison population, we take on that notorious "second shift" after we come home from work, and yet we earn about 75% of what men make. If you've walked a mile in those heels (or heard a man burp the alphabet), you know that it's good to have some support once in a while.

That's why the Bozeman Chamber of Commerce is proudly hosting the Women's Conference on May 21 at the MSU Strand Union Building from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. The conference is open to professional women of all ages, occupations, and abilities, and it consists of workshops and sessions that will help women strategize, network, and get inspired about achieving their professional goals. Three "tracks" include sessions on power-negotiation skills, project management, dealing with difficult people, and more. For more information, call 586-5421 or register at bozemanchamber.com.

-Tina Orem
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