A Thoughtful... Climbing Rope for Christmas?

A Thoughtful... Climbing Rope for Christmas?

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Kira Stoops

Men, this Christmas, give your sporty sweetie the gift that says, "I was thinking of you. Not me and how much I love climbing gear. You. And how much you now love thoughtful, romantic me because I got you:

a. An ecologically-sound necklace. Oooh, shiny.
b. A bottle of the first wine we ever shared. Remember?
c. Something I made by hand. There's only one like it, and I made it just for you.
d. Flowers. But not the kind that die in three days: nope, these come in a planter and return every year.
e. An artistic tchotchke for outdoorsy types that isn't technically, you know, gear. (Man, I love gear.)
f. A bunch of those spendy organic chocolate bars from the Co-op. Why? Chocolate helps boost the immune system and it's packed with antioxidants and mood enhancers.
g. Nothing. I was broke, so I bought an inexpensive bottle of sweet almond oil and gave your poor tired outdoorswoman-muscles an hour of lovin' rubbin'. I even lit some candles. And cleaned up before you got here so you wouldn't have to. Um, could I be any more romantic?

Well… I got you a climbing rope, too."

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