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Outside Bozeman
How Far Will You Go?

From the shores of the Arctic Ocean to the Great Wall of China, readers spread Outside Bozeman across the globe better than ever this past winter, making it particularly hard to choose a winner. “Magazine’s a welcome break out here,” wrote soldier Fred Bradford from northern Afghanistan, while Jeff Batton posed with an O/B in Barrow, a whaling village on the northern coast of Alaska—“not exactly where you’d go for a beach vacation!” as he described the frigid hamlet. Meanwhile, seasoned travelers (and Spring 2005 contest winners) Jason and Steffany Kay toured the mountains of Peru with Outside Bozeman in-hand. As Jason wrote, “It’s amazing how the great photographs and stories can represent this wonderful town we live in and stimulate conversation and awe in the people of Peru.” Ultimately, we gave the nod to Trevor Olson for offering O/B to Buddha in Sangkhla Buri, Thailand, while on an Amicus Foundation trip to help children in remote villages. Kate Ciari and Ralph James, who took their copy snorkeling in Puerto Rico, snagged second place, while third went to Bill Hilbish and Cindy Shearer, who hauled a copy to China’s Great Wall. Thanks to everyone for sending in the great photos, and remember to keep packing O/B along.

Suby Tales 2007

It’s time once again to celebrate that most venerable of Montana vehicles, the mighty Subaru. That’s right, Suby Tales 2007 is here—another opportunity to win great prizes and have your Subaru story immortalized in the pages of Outside Bozeman. What other vehicle boasts such a proud and illustrious history traversing Montana’s roads and highways? From a near-mishap in your brand-new Tribeca to the perfect day in your old Loyale, we want to hear about it. There’ll be an awards ceremony at the end of contest, with prizes for weirdest account, funniest story, and best overall tale, among others. Send pictures if you’ve got ‘em. Look for posters around town, and pick up entry forms at Montana Import Group on E. Frontage Rd. Full contest details are online at outsidebozeman.com. Send us your pics and tell us your story—win Suby Tales and drive off with the glory!

We Moved—Again

New digs are always exciting, even if they’re right next door. That’s why we’ve packed up and moved two doors down, to 313 W. Mendenhall. It’s a bigger, more private space with room for all the essentials: beer fridge, 70’s-era couch, and topo maps of all the mountain ranges surrounding Bozeman. Stop by to pick up a back issue or just to say hello—but remember, if it’s a beautiful spring day, don’t be surprised if you find the office deserted.
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