How Far Will You Go?

How Far Will You Go?

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When traveling abroad, have you ever met people ashamed of their native land? (Boulder, CO; Iowa; Alabama; and the entire East Coast spring to mind.) Thankfully, that never seems to happen with our residents. There’s something comforting about the fact that, no matter where they end up, globetrotting Bozemanites still display a healthy dose of hometown pride—which means we must be doing something right here. Our inbox overflowed again this season with spirited How Far photos; the best image came from Santhosh Ramachandran, who traveled to India and posed near a beautiful (and confusing) Indian statue. Best letter (and best group shot) comes from the staff of Advanced Electronic Design here in Bozeman—they didn’t travel very far, but their shot does qualify as the largest tribute we’ve ever received. So no matter where in the world you end up next, bring the latest O/B and show that you’re proud of where you came from. See the winners and entries in our Photo Gallery

Winner: Santhosh Ramachandran, Tamilnadu, India

Best Letter: AED Bunch, Bobcat Stadium, Bozeman

Our company, Advanced Electronic Designs, designed the electronics for the new sign in the upgraded Bobcat Stadium. We were excited to take part in a project that shows our hometown pride. We were also excited to use the testing phase to show our love for the equally famous hometown magazine Outside Bozeman. The AED Bunch theme is our company’s way of paying tribute to a few of those things that help make Bozeman a great place to live.

Everybody in the picture helped work on some part of the sign—from design of the electronics, ordering of components, programming of the firmware, to physical installation. It was a team effort and the members of that team are Deb Katz, Marke Wolfe, Bryan Robertus, Garth Grubb, Chip Lukes, Kristie Simpson, Jason Kay, Jon Koon, Charlie Mann, Jason Daughenbaugh, Brian Foreman, Pat Kujawa, Tyler Judish, and Brett Swimley. That is a long list of names but we are happy to just be known as the AED Bunch.

Thanks for giving us a reason to act goofy!

Jason Kay



Brothers Mock, Lobuche East, Himalayas

Caroline Albert, Bhutan

Mi Yeon and Jake Juliar, Seoul, Korea

Jess Luckay, Panama Canal

Jeff Lee, Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii

Brook Daly, Thailand

Danielle McCarthy, Alaska

Lennae Klyap, Belize

Thomas McGrath, Boundary Waters, Minnesota

Eric Pederson, Unnamed Airspace, Southwest Asia

Jonathan Aspensen, Assateague Island, New England

Willie Blazer, Southern Afghanistan

Casey Rossetto, Lower Salmon, Idaho

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