Best of O/B Photo Showcase

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With its crystalline rivers, striking mountain ranges, and abundant wildlife, southwest Montana is an outdoor photographer’s dreamland. Add passionate skiers, hikers, bikers, climbers, and fishermen to the mix, and the photography becomes not only beautiful, but inspiring—one look and you’ll want to ditch work, head for the hills, and soak up this recreational Shangri-La for yourself.

Over the years, thousands of images imparting these iconic landscapes and exhilarating activities have appeared in the pages of Outside Bozeman magazine. And now, after a decade and a half, a “best of” assortment is on display at Sola Café, on the corner of Kagy and S. 3rd, from Thanksgiving week through the beginning of the new year.

Depicting all seasons and a range of pursuits, this photo showcase brings together many aspects of our mountain-town lifestyle: the outdoors, being active, and a strong sense of community. The images also honor some of the area’s best-known outdoor photographers, including Denver Bryan, Kene Sperry, Ryan Turner, Travis Anderson, Craig Hergert, Bob Allen, Pat Clayton, Simon Peterson, and Ryan Krueger.

So stop by Sola, grab a cup of coffee, order some breakfast or lunch, and take in the impressive local talent and natural beauty we’re so fortunate to have around us. Prepare to be inspired—to get out, take your own photos, and make your own memories in Bozeman’s incredible outdoor playground.

Best of Outside Bozeman Photo Showcase




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