Wilderness And...Wildlife of the Southern Ocean

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 7:00pm
Appears In 

Location: Large Classroom, Hope Lutheran Church, 2152 West Graf St., Bozeman MT

Cost: FREE

Details: As part of the Montana Wilderness Association's Madison-Gallatin Chapter's continuing series of Wilderness and ... presentations, Roger Jenkins, retired scientist, amateur photographer, hiker, skier, and local MWA Chapter Board member will discuss the fascinating and diverse wildlife of the Southern Ocean, which surrounds Antarctica. Sized from small birds to penguins to multi-ton elephant seals, the Southern Ocean is a wildlife photographers dream. Recently, Roger Jenkins and Susie McDonald traveled to this area, and Roger will discuss the wildlife of this region, and the steps being taken to mitigate the impact that humans have had on this ecosystem. 


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