Spring 2014 How Far Will You Go?

Spring 2014 How Far Will You Go?

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The Editors


Kelly & Ryan Merkel

Photo 1: Glacier Bay, Alaska

Not many people can say they were married on a halibut boat, wearing rubber boots, in Glacier Bay, Alaska, while the officiant said our vows from an O/B magazine. Followed by a celebratory Bud Light shotgun toast and a Duck Fart shot of course. When in Rome. That’s true love...

Photo 2: Gustavus, Alaska

Celebrating the wedding with a 385-pound monster halibut


Steffany Kay, Fukuoka, Japan

While spending time in Fukuoka, we swung by the Ooba Blacksmith Workshop. Toshio Ooba is a third-generation blacksmith. He proudly shows off his signature "Hakata Cleaver" while Steffany proudly shows off her Outside Bozeman. While his workspace seemed just as cramped as the Outside Bozeman offices, both are adequate to produce breathtaking product.


Travis Colter Smith, Ascension Bay, Mexico

Kelly & Shirley King, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Emily Hayes, Matala, Crete

Lou Walters, Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

Diane Hilborn, Roman Colloseum, Italy

Larry Schroeder, Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

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