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With $5,000 in prizes from Bob Ward’s and the North Face dangling in front of their adventurous faces, dozens of Bozemaniacs went head-to-head in the third O/B Hit List Contest, tackling one quintessential Montana activity after another. From fishing to floating, climbing to cliff-jumping, the Hit List spanned the outdoor spectrum, making for a fun-filled and highly competitive summer. When the smoke cleared, five outdoor enthusiasts rose above the rest, each earning a cool grand in camping gear. Congrats to all the winners, and to the rest of you: start thinking about next year, when we’ll have a new list of tasks for you to tick off.

Most Points and Most Tasks
After a respectable showing last year, newlyweds Colter and Alli Lane (who got engaged while completing a 2012 Hit List activity) redoubled their efforts and together took top honors in both categories. Darn near maxing out the scoreboard, the Lanes made a clean sweep: all 20 tasks plus a 3-point Wild Card entry. For running the Ridge Run as his Trail Run entry, Colter scored a bonus point and thus edged out Alli by one point—we’ll let them decide how to settle that score.

See a photo gallery of the 2013 winners here. Read the Best Story entry here.


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