Gear Giveaway

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You love gear. We love you, our faithful readers. What better way to close the circle (or triangle, in this case) than with a gear giveaway? All we need is your name and email address, and you'll be entered to win a thousand bucks worth of gear, apparel, and gift cards. Ain't love... grand?

Prize Package Includes:

Contest Terms & Details:

  • Submit your name and email to Outside Bozeman for a chance to win.
  • Your name and email will be added to our newsletter list and shared with giveaway sponsors.
  • Register in person at Schnee's in downtown Bozeman (35 E. Main).
  • One entry per method, per person, for a maximum of two chances to win.
  • Winner will be selected at random and contacted by email.
  • Winner may be announced on O/B social media and/or in the Fall 2017 issue of Outside Bozeman magazine. 
  • Good luck!


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