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Beardsicle Contest

2016-17 Winner: Brian Eckinrod
photos by Terry Dysart 


For inspiration or to check out more epic beardsicles, head over to our Facebook page.

The lucky winner receives a free shave and haircut from The Barbershop & Shaving Parlor


Previous Winner (Winter 2012-13)
Daniel Boteler, Livingston
Before and after the ice storm 

Contest Terms

  • Submit your photo(s) below, along with a description if possible.
  • Photos should be high-resolution, at least 300 dpi at roughly 5"x7". JPEG only, please.
  • Please include your email address. That's how we'll be contacting the winner.
  • No altered photos. Do not let the wonders of Photoshop tempt you. (We'd love to see what you come up with and we may publish the photo, but you won't win.)
  • Use your imagination! We like when you get creative. 
  • Winner will be announced on O/B social media and photo may be used to promote future contests. Good luck!
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