Blue Light

Like the blue light atop downtown Bozeman's Baxter Hotel, that beckons skiers to Bridger Bowl to enjoy a fresh snowfall, our Blue Light guide beckons MSU students to the outdoors, to enjoy southwest Montana's inimitable natural world.

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bozeman, parks
the editors
While Bozeman is surrounded by acres and acres of public land, full of recreational opportunities, the city limits are chock-full of fun, too.There are trails, beaches, boulders, and bike paths. Here are some numbers to consider.  Read more >>
Blue Light, MSU
David Tucker
Welcome to the Blue Light; your one-stop destination for MSU tips and outdoor advice.  Read more >>
parks, MSU, running, biking,fishing
Maggie Slepian
Where to park it around Bozeman.
running, MSU, trails, hiking
the editors
Getting your start on Bozeman area trails.
Camping, backpacking
Maggie Slepian
Spending a night under the stars.
bucket list
the editors
It’s easy to be overwhelmed by Bozeman’s outdoor options.One way to stay on track is to make a list. Or better yet, let us make one for you. Below are bucket-list adventures, organized into single-day outings that fit into any busy schedule. Read more >>
rafting, boating
Mike Garcia
Bozeman's water-sport scene. So you want to slay the river dragons?Or do you just want a peaceful day on the water? Read more >>
climbing, MSU
the editors
Rocking out in Bozeman; where to start. 
bridgers, biking
the editors
Often, there’s only a single thing on our minds, and that’s singletrack—tacky, flowy singletrack. Here in Bozeman, it abounds, so you’ll often see us grinning ear to ear. You can get your smile on too, by sticking to the advice below. Read more >>
trails, etiquette, rules
EJ Porth
A few rules for Bozeman area trails.
safety, first aid, rescue
the editors
For all its rugged beauty, Montana’s backcountry holds its fair share of danger. Avalanches, lightning, frigid water, bears, rattlesnakes… the list goes on. Read more >>
animals, wildlife
the editors
Montana's watchable wildlife and where to find them. Read more >>
MSU, gear, rental
the editors
An introduction to Bozeman's gear-rental scene. 
skiing, clubs, MSU
Taylor Burlage
As a Bozemanite born and bred, fighting for wild places has always come naturally to me. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found that this penchant for outdoor activism is as easy as breathing for many Montanans. Read more >>
hiking, family
Meghan O'Neal
The time has come: a visit from the fam. Hugs and kisses make their rounds, updates are exchanged, and… now what?Don’t waste time trying to decide what to do—show them the best Bozeman has to offer. Read more >>
Autumn camping along the Yellowstone
David Tucker
Road trips for every season. 
Boiling River, hot springs, swimming
Corey Hackett
Soaking in hot springs, aka “hot-potting,” is a universal and timeless pleasure. Nothing beats the sensation of slipping into slightly stinging water, only to feel comfy and tranquil seconds later. Read more >>
Bozeman Bike Kitchen, MSU
Taylor Burlage
For some people, bikes can be an enigma. We take it for granted that they will always work, right up until they don’t. What then? Read more >>
Rockin' out at the Rialto
Taylor Burlage
A beginner's guide to downtown Bozeman.
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