Ski-Season Send-Off

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Until next year, Bridger Bowl.

Once a year, the time comes when Bridger Bowl’s lifts quit spinning, and we're faced with the reality that we must find other ways to get on top of lines we wish to slash. It's at this point that Bridger’s skiers and snowboarders—and a large number of snowbladers—wake up, grab their brightest gaper attire, and head to the mountain. For many, the season will continue for months, but for others, closing day marks the end, and we must celebrate closing day as if we may never ski again.

 Bridger Bowl. Super Couloir. Skiing. Outside Bozeman.
Jake Bartz skiing Super Couloir.

The usual sunny spring conditions of closing weekend are replaced this year with a socked-in ridgeline and a blanket of fresh snow. It dumps throughout the day, and as the turns imrpove, more and more neon one-piece suits and furry animal costumes appear. Recycling bins overflow with cans of Montucky and yiiiips and yeeews echo across the mountain.

Bridger Bowl. Closing Day. Skiing. Outside Bozeman. 
Bridger chair party with snow still coming down. 

Near the end of the day, a line of dirt bags, gapers, and ridge hippies forms at Bridger chair. Everyone fills their packs with beers and loads up for the last rendezvous of the season. At the top, a crowd gathers, fireworks explode, and everyone reminisces of the good times had during the season.

Bridger Bowl. Skiing. Outside Bozeman.
Closing day calls for backflips. 

Eventually, we head down to base, and when we reach the bottom at around 5pm, we're already stoked for next season. While we may ski Bridger's steeps again this year, we won’t be carried there by lifts. So until next year Bridger Bowl, and as always, thanks for the good times.

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