Spring Give-Back

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Change up the routine on spring cleaning.

You open the hall closet to grab the Slip 'N Slide the kids have been so eager to use and without warning a pile of gear cascades down on you. The outgrown snowpants, rusty skis, and hockey skates from three shoe sizes ago crash down the hallway. Each year, as the kids grow and you invest in that piece of trophy equipment you’ve been saving for, more junk tends to come in than go out. Well the time is now for some spring cleaning. The easy answer is to hold another yard sale or just throw it away. But last year’s sale left you with most of your stuff and it's still in good shape. There are better options. Option one: head to a used-gear shop. Option two: donate that gear to an organization around town.

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Leftovers from last year's yard sale? There's a better way.

Used-Gear Shops
So how do you upcycle these goods? Lucky for you, Bozeman offers myriad ways to sell, consign, or buy used gear. The most popular options are Second-Wind and Play-It-Again Sports, but Bozeman is chalk-full of smaller shops to keep in mind. In fact, many of your favorite places will consign your gear. The Gear Wizard (formerly known as Bozeman Bike Peddler) will trade, sell, or buy those old bikes and skis you have laying around. If you’re looking to upgrade your style, they'll help you save some cash by tuning up what you already have.

Don’t Hate; Donate
So instead of trashing your gear, you've done the right thing and sold it to a second-hand store. Why not take your benevolence a step farther and consider who won’t be able to purchase any gear this year? Around the valley, there are loads of organizations in need of the items you’re itching to get rid of. By donating, you're keeping it local while also extending a hand to those in need. The Boys & Girls Club of Southwest Montana, Big Sky Youth Empowerment, and the Bridger Ski Foundation are just a few organizations in need of coats, supplies, and gently-used gear. Also, the City of Bozeman Recreation Department looks for gear throughout the year to give to kiddos in the community. Give them a shout to see what they need. Take a look at the odds and ends you have around too; places such as the Bozeman Bike Kitchen accept those spare bike parts lying around your garage. Before dropping anything off, make sure what you’re donating is in solid condition.

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If this is your couch, it's time to clean house.

While you’re feeling so generous, never forget the value of donating your time. The organizations above and many others are always seeking volunteers. Here's a list of some organizations and clubs in town that might be of interest.

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